Top 5 F1 Conspiracies

Correction on the Rosberg incident, he took to the runoff at Mirabeau, not entirely sure where Ste. Devote was concocted from in my mind.* Get your tin foil hats …




  1. Benneton weren't the only team to remove fuel filters and they had permission to do so. That wasn't the issue with the rig, it was the nozzle that caused the fire….

  2. the Senna crash is still very weird. a black box just does not get destroyed like that. even in huge airplane crashes that have a way worse impact than this they stay alive. even after being under water for 2 weeks they still stay fine. it's really weird how all the important data from these boxes were gone. i remember williams kept the boxes for a few weeks before giving it to officials. when officials got it, they said there was barely any information left.

  3. It's funny that two incidents bookend this video. Illegal suspension of the Benetton, and the missing data from the Williams. It's known Senna was struggling, trying to keep apace with Schumacher, and at Imola they made the steering column smaller for Senna in a bid to give him more room in the car and to give him an advantage.

    If the Benetton and Williams had been more equal (so you can see what side of the fence I'm coming down on in regards to the suspension), and it was a tighter battle, would Imola have ever occurred?

  4. fact is in 2012 that Williams car could have and most likely should have won more than 1 race. Sadly for Williams they had 2 totally shite drivers who completely wasted the car. that's what happens when you put 2 pay drivers in you're car.

  5. Hamilton being clearly robbed of the 2007 and 2016 championships is a large part of why I stopped watching F1. There's still a lot of people in that sport who think race is more important than racing.

  6. Roland Ratzenberger and Senna's deaths were in deed a conspiracy, they were both insured and the beneficiaries of both were their team owners. Senna had a life insurance of $75 million dollars.

  7. No doubt Flavio and Shumacher were cheating. Bets part? Senna stays ahead. If I REALLY wanted to be a conspiracy theorist I'd say previously mentioned had something to do with Sennas car at Imola…We'll never know.

  8. The critical last moments of Sennas life are undocumented so nobody had to see him pulling the column right out of the car. Thats what probably pierced his helmet

  9. You have to change the title. A conspiracy is a criminal act involving two or more people. What you've listed are conspiracy theories. Here is an actual conspiracy. The fact that people hear the word "conspiracy" it immediately brings to the mind of the average person the terms "crazy wingnut" mean the CIA's ACTUAL PSY-OP has worked. They began using the term Conspiracy Theory right after JFK was murdered in order for people to do exactly as they had planned. To think everything with the word conspiracy is crazy, and to associate the word with things that are far fetched when they mean two entirely different things. A Bank robbery is a conspiracy.

  10. Ahhh, the lost telemetry…and shortened video, and everything else in the wake of Senna's crash stank the whole place up for years to come IMO. When somebody is obviously trying to conceal something there's a good indication that something is afoot. Williams needed to just leave well enough alone and allow the machine to take over…rather than taking the black boxes and editing video. It made them look as though they were trying to hide something which is stupid since whatever the cause of the crash was certainly some form of human error. Mistakes are a part of life, why try to hide that? Instead Williams and co. received zero respect for the handling of this issue. So what if the steering column shit the bed…human error.

  11. Why have you stated the court case resulted in nil? The prosecution proved their case. The steering column snapped and the conviction was legally held. There was no punishment because it was statute barred due to being out of time but the conviction stands. Williams were legally responsible for the death of Ayrton Senna. You need to correct your video as it's factually wrong.

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