Top 5 CRAZIEST Pokemon Conspiracies Theories (Feat. HoopsandHipHop) – Woopsire

Yo what is going on guys welcome back to another video where today my friend HoopsandHipHop and I are going to be taking a look at some of the craziest …




  1. So Shellder can evolve into Slowbro and Slowking. It can also deevolve to be Shellder again. Then he can be a Cloyster which can became Gastly to change into Haunter and became Gengar. Don't forget it mega evolve!

  2. For #5 in a later episode ash is stuck on a mountain during a blizzard. Seeing his Pokémon freeze he forces pikachu into his poke ball. Only his pikachu could go into his ball.

  3. Brendan or May's Dad still there, at least. Even all of the others don't found their dad. Like, Is Hoenn is the only one when you and your rival have dad? Huh. Unsettling.

  4. I think that Pokémon is actually post apocalyptic and the war ended up mutating all of the animals so they had all those crazy abilities and the like. I also think that evolution in Pokemon is actually predictable self mutation due to too much irradiation.

  5. When you said,,This one is from the anime in the second episode after events in the first episode"
    I tought it was the shitty Ash coma teory and I was about to pick another video to watch.
    People,stop with th crappy,,Its all just a dream?The character is actually in a hospital dreaming about what happens in the game!OMG THEY'RE JUST IN A COMA!ITS NOT REAL!"<- No please eff off,I want to enjoy the game/movie(etc.) not thinking its all a dream!I want to sink in the adventure and enjoy it!YOU ARE NOT MAKING THE NEXT ILLIMINATI CONSPIRACY THEORY BUT INSTEAD YOU RUIN EVERYONE'S EXPERIENCE WITH THE GAME/MOVIEetc.).
    So just please.

  6. Theory 1 : ash died in the first episode in the lightning bolt and ho oh was there to revive him giving him and pikachu more strength also making it easier to understand why pikachu can pretty much beat any Pokemon despite the type

  7. Blue's Raticate Was Released Not Dead
    Blue wants to be The Strongest Trainer In the World
    Soo Raticate Is Not The Best Pokemon Ever, Its Pretty Crappy Soo Blue Released Raticate And Was Exploring The Pokemon Tower To Find A Cubone And After That Add Something Better To The Team cof* Exeggcute cof*
    Soo Blue's Dialogue In the Pokemon Tower was a Joke Really Who Has A Giant Ego even with a Partner Dead!!! Not Blue, He Just Wanted To Be The Best So He Removed His Raticate

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