Top 15 Most Believable MANDELA EFFECT EXAMPLES | Conspiracy Theories 2016

These are 15 of the most commonly believed Mandela effects. The monopoly man, Mona Lisa, and Apollo ones personally got me. Which ones got you?




  1. Everything is fine It's Saturday and God's playing GTP "Grand Theft Planet" and Jesus spilled some beer on the controller…. and the bong water is getting pretty dirty too.. Buddha's is try to making a 7-11 run to get the Frito's and microwave pizza……but the Pinto won't start…..

  2. At the end of Mighty Ducks 2 you can hear "of the world" in we are the Champions. If it was one of the kids they do a pretty good impression of the lead singer.

  3. I remember the Spiders and Snakes singer Jim Stafford dying of cancer. now he's alive and 73 years old. am I the only one?

  4. It's actually strange. I had heard of the Mandela effect recently, I never thought I had any personal experiences with it. But there were a few here (most notably the Kit Kat one) that I had to go "wait, it's not that way?"

    However, most of these are basically minute, obscure details that are easy to assume based on expectations, most notably the Berenstein Bears. In that case esepcially, because of the way we pronounce it, and the fact it is a logo, most just assume it is printed the way it sounds, not bothering actually checking until they are told there's a reason to, and their mind filling in the blank. The audio ones are more difficult to explain under this, but can be partially chalked up to them being older, and people not having heard the original recently enough for it to supersede the memes and rehashes they would likely have been in more contact with. It's the memory of orders of or complete existence of objects, people, or events that are truly inexplicable.

  5. For most of theses there's correlation, like with Jiffy and Jif our minds combined it because we hear the well known, "be back in a jiffy" quote. we just didn't pay attention to most of these details. Same with the pringles dude and the monopoly one. As for Mona Lisa we interpret emotions clearer as we grow older. As for for quotes we mostly focused on the central idea and not a lingering word before hand. It's probably just our minds trying to make connections for the memories we don't remember clearly with other memories and combining them.

  6. At my school my old art class had a picture of mona lisa. I always remember looking at that picture and she was not smiling. When they took that art class down and built a new one they also had a picture of mona lisa and I remember saying to myself "I THOUGHT SHE WAS NOT SMILING!" I think my art classes changed the picture XD sorry guys XD

  7. I was born Nov. 1st, 1981 and damn, I know for a fact that kit kats, my favorite shit of all time had the – in the middle. The we are the champions of the world happens in the middle of the song but I could of swore that when I watched the revenge of the nerds in the 80s that the movie ended with "of the world" in the song which maybe they just ended the song in the middle on the movie which could explain the fuck up in our heads. Can't wait to watch the movie again because if it doesn't happen in the movie, get your tin foil hats on and fuck everything, kill everyone you hate if you can get away with it and don't worry about heaven and hell. The Berenstain Bears thing is the craziest because I remember asking my mom why everyone called them the berenstain bears when it was spelled berenstein and she told me it was because they must have been jewish. Which may be racist but how would the argument even happen if it wasn't so at one time. It's pretty hard to mix up berenstain with berenstein. The Froot Loops being Fruit Loops is just as nuts because I know for a fact when I was a kid that it was spelled Froot because I noticed they spelled it wrong when I was a kid noticing the sarcasm because I myself was just learning how to spell. Shit is crazy. The star wars Luke, I am your father is something I say to my son, who is named Luke and can not believe that a movie I have seen a million times is something I would misquote along with all of my siblings and every TV show from the time I've been on this earth. I mean, why are we just realizing this shit that we have been misquoting a movie that we have quoted and have seen since quoting it that we are doing it wrong? WTF is going on?


  9. Hey guys, every now and then I do a "different" type of video, away from stories just to make sure I don't burn myself out and to try something new.
    This is one of those videos, and i'll be back to stories in the next video , hope you enjoyed this one regardless.
    The monopoly man, Mona Lisa, and Apollo ones personally got me. Which ones got you?

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