Top 11 Disney Princess Conspiracies

Thought you knew everything about these animated ladies? Well here are 11 theories that will have you looking at them a whole new way! New charity shout out …




  1. Victor Hugo's novel, The Hunchback of Notre-Dame takes place in 1482 Paris, while Beauty and the Beast takes place in a small village in pre-revolutionary France sometime in the mid-18th century, so that theory is impossible.

  2. i think the reason nobody was like "merida is gay" was because she was a free spirit who didn't want to be married before she became twenty like most if not all women she might prefer to be single for the rest of her life or marry when she's ready elsa is the more likely candidate for lesbian princess-ness

  3. Ariel's castle is not on purpose. The artist admitted that when painting the original poster he was severely sleep deprived and rushed the finishing details, namely the tower in question.

    Also I kinda find it stupid to say that JUST because Elsa doesn't have a boyfriend. "You don't have a boyfriend so you must be gay!" ugh. bite me.

    The Lilo and Stitch names were deliberate.

    A lot of these are incredibly stupid though. and show an ignorance to how animated movies are made, marketed, and how animators and movie makers behave to even believe in the slightest.

  4. Anna and Elsa are not considered Disney Princesses for three reasons. 1. Elsa is a queen, not a princess. 2. If both of them were admitted into the franchise, they would have overshadowed the other Disney Princesses. 3. Frozen is so successful, it became a franchise in and of itself. Anna and Elsa don't need the extra attention by joining the Disney Princess franchise, they're doing fine on their own.

  5. The Elsa Theory…I have never heard of. I just thought they were trying not to make her so cliche by having to have a romantic interest at the end of a film to tie everything up. I guess it could work, but there are no hints to this theory.

    But #1 is definitely possible, along with #11 with Belle and Notre Dame.

    I love these conspiracy theories. They really make you think!

  6. It was recently confirmed that Elsa and Anna's parents were the people in Tarzan (apparently) and Tarzan is their brother by blood, and since he married Jane, that also makes her a Disney princess as well.

  7. It has been confirmed that the merchant is a disguised Genie.

    Also, it's amazing to think that centuries later, it's a likely possibility that people will be teaching kids about "the Disney Idealism Era" (just an idea, call it what you want) just like this. Through folklore, theories, and connections. Walt Disney would be mildly unsettled, but proud. You know, if we don't catch on fire before that.

  8. You forgot to mention Tarzan in the frozen ship theory also on a different note wasn't the beast 11 when he got curse since you know he had until his 21st birthday to break the spell

  9. If you add on the theory that the King and queen land on an island and give birth to Tarzan, you have Frozen, Tangled, The Little Mermaid, Hercules, and Tarzan connected, albeit kind of out there.
    Talk about an A113.

  10. Tbh I always kinda knew that Genie was the merchant as a kid. I don't know how I noticed, but it's funny how everyone just recently started talking about this

  11. But… wait. What about he OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED THEORY from Disney that says that Anna and Elsa's parents are the parents of Tarzan. IT'S BEEN CONFIRMED!!!!

  12. I have a counter for the theory on Elsa not having a male love interest. She doesn't have one, but there were intentions for one. At least from the love interest's side. Enter Hans.

    When Anna first bumps into Hans at the dock, have a look at the outfit he's wearing. Under the grey coat it's all blue and purple, which are the same colours Elsa is wearing during the coronation. Purple also seems to be one half of the crest's colour of that kingdom. Purple's also commonly associated with royalty. We know Hans came to Arendelle to gain a title for himself, and since he wants a kingdom the only way to do that is to marry into a royal family. He'll have done his research and knows that in this kingdom there's two women in line to rule; perfect for a prince looking to become a King. Since Elsa's the oldest, she's first in line. Hans probably came to Arendelle with the intent to seduce Elsa and marry her. And since he's done his research, he knows who to look for during the coronation; just look for the girl wearing the right outfit.

    Hans never interacts with Elsa though, because literally seconds after he gets into town who does he run into? Anna, second-in-line and instantly smitten with him. At this point, his job's half done for him; he has a princess who clearly likes him. What adds to this idea is his clothing. He does have to change after his first scene due to falling into the water but what he changes into is a white suit with light green/yellow colours underneath; and doesn't it just complement Anna's coronation dress? Why I dare say he's trying to look like an ideal suitor for her.

    Oh wait…he is. Let's say his plan worked and he did marry Anna. We know he's a bastard; he would have probably tried to arrange an "accident" for Elsa. He had no way of knowing about her powers in advance after all. Then Anna would have to become Queen, with him as King by her side. At that point he can then decide if he wants to keep his Queen or get rid of her too through another "accident".

    Once he's looking after the kingdom while both Anna and Elsa are gone you'll notice he goes back to his original blue and purple. He's ruling right now after all, he has to look the part. ;P

    (in all seriousness, I personally don't care about Elsa's sexuality; if she does get a love interest it would take a while for her to trust herself not to accidentally hurt them with her powers)

  13. The music Doug plays at during the LEO & STITCH review, was played on PET SEMATARY. when the mom comes back to life. Wait…did I get that part right?

  14. Uh…if you look at the clips just shown in this video, you can clearly see a couple people wearing blue. Yeah, it's not as bright (maybe that's the point), but there's still a little blue.

  15. The Mulan one isn't a conspiracy, Disney created a new rule just so they could include her:"You must be born royal, marry royal or commit an act of heroism."

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