Top 10 Videos That Debunk Conspiracy Theories and Paranormal Events

Top 10 Videos That Debunk Conspiracy Theories and Paranormal Events There’s a certain arrogance and laziness to people who buy into conspiracy theories …




  1. As far as I know David Irving is not a holocaust denier per se; he is, though, a Hitler devotee and apologist who has spent his career trying to "prove" that Hitler was not responsible for the Holocaust and shifts the blame to his subordinates.

  2. Henry David Thoreau was correct when, in his book “Walden” that. “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” I have come to the conclusion that most You Tubers who believe in all those hoaxes and conspiracies are, indeed, leading lives of quiet desperation, and see You Tube as a way of mitigating that; by vigorous spamming, pretending they are doing something important.

  3. I'm not sure about the JFK debunk, shooting on a rifle range at a static target doesn't seem like a good comparison to me. there have been numerous special forces marksmen that have attempted to pull off what Oswald supposedly did and failed, and his military records show that he was a sub-par marksman, so how did he do it and not just once but twice in quick succession?

  4. You should debunk the rumor of 50 cent bloggers on the internet, it's simply not true. While you're at it, also BMW being German is a conspiracy, it's made in North Korea, everyone knows that.

  5. I know I'm late to the party, but your overly complicated wording and phrasing really makes ur narration tough to listen to. call me dumb, illiterate, simple minded, etc. plus, proving your point with analogies with complex wording that lasts about 30 seconds is a quick way to lose people's interest. still love most of your vids

  6. the best conspiracy theory i ever heard is when sonny bono unfortunately hit a tree that killed him when skiing was that there was another tree involved

  7. How can anyone with a brain can look at the collapsing building 7 and seriously believe that it collapsed because fires into two floors??

  8. Most conspiracy theories initially arise out of bias. Much of that bias consists of a general distrust of authority and anyone with wealth. It's healthy to maintain some skepticism. But many conspiracy theorists seem to confuse skepticism with cynicism. And that should be of no surprise when you adhere to a "guilty until proven innocent" approach. Many people grossly underestimate the power of bias. But that's why we have SCIENCE.

  9. At 4:38 you say, that Randi scattered paper scraps around the phonebook. If you would have watched the video you have linked, you would know that in fact it was plastic foam, not paper scraps. Not that it makes any difference in debunking a fraud, but at least check your facts if you want to be taken seriously.

  10. Many False flag attacks conducted by corrupt governments and conspiracies by corporations & syndicates or cartels ARE REAL and are recorded in history as such, such as the gunpowder plot, Goldman Sachs Selling On Loan defaults as investments, the Bay of Pigs, Watergate etc. The title of this video is misleading and is typical of the flippant and/or naive attitude debunkers have to real world problems that need to be brought to public awareness to be 'sorted out' one way or another. Conspiracies have and DO exist & this video has presented little in the way of evidence to prove that ALL conspiracy theories are false.

  11. I agree – whether the government is promoting the theories or not they are laughing with joy that the public concentrates on this idiocy instead of the real problems and crimes.

  12. De-bunking a de-bunking is a sure sign of a hidden agenda. Would anyone spend time and money de-bunking the de-bunking of the charlatans? No an event is presented as having happened in a certain way. No explosions heard with the collapse of building 7? Well, the de-bunkers simply and conveniently ignore that taking out steel structures with thermite and thermate  produces no explosive sounds. Just ignore the evidence you can't explain and concentrate that which you can, even thought that which you can is NOT part of the events of the day.

  13. Evidence and results have quality.

    Some evidence and results are more convincing than other evidence and results.

    Some evidence and results are of higher quality than other evidence.

    Evidence and results always, or at least almost always, have multiple interpretations.

    There are logical fallacies, biases, and confounders.

    Evidence and results are interpretable.

    Evidence and results need better definitions.

    Evidence and results need to take into account changes in/of the universe, earth, and/or subject needs to be in the method.

    Evidence and results need to take into account the degree to which the effect, result, and/or evidence happens.

    The correct scientific method needs to be used on the correct mathematical/visual model of the universe.

  14. An analytic list of the…well, list. Just for more convenience and so you're not going back and forth all the time. P.S. some videos are eliminated, but i'm giving the original URLs from this video as the creator put them.
    00:00 9/11 as an inside job debunked vid—> https://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_1495344353&feature=iv&src_vid=eX2-RCfNpAU&v=tacYjsS-g6k
    00:51 dowsing debunked vid—> https://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_4109742177&feature=iv&src_vid=eX2-RCfNpAU&v=_VAasVXtCOI
    01:28 rods—> https://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_768824147&feature=iv&src_vid=eX2-RCfNpAU&v=KE3Jl8Kw6xA
    02:06 magnetic man debunked by captain Iglo—>https://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_445401107&feature=iv&src_vid=eX2-RCfNpAU&v=OTVWMY8EZCA
    02:54 Michael Shermer Debunks James Van Praagh & Psychics—>https://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_2136361257&feature=iv&src_vid=eX2-RCfNpAU&v=3Ax_VuNTcZw
    03:24 JKF > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eX2-RCfNpAU&t=3s
    04:07 Tele-bulshit again by captain iglo—> https://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_2219198289&feature=iv&src_vid=eX2-RCfNpAU&v=QlfMsZwr8rc
    04:58 Holocaust—> https://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_457856913&feature=iv&src_vid=eX2-RCfNpAU&v=wxTynzJAjtI
    05:25 Near death experiences BS— https://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_3930874313&feature=iv&src_vid=eX2-RCfNpAU&v=NN4EUsdOfzA
    06:41 Moonlanding—> https://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_1867548181&feature=iv&src_vid=eX2-RCfNpAU&v=sGXTF6bs1IU

  15. To reason with a conspiracy theorist is like to reason with somebody with politics, they are gonna brush you off and say you're a fool for believing in it and ask how brainwashed are you.

  16. You realize that if i click on any of the debunking videos during your video it takes me to their video from yours and doesn't open a new tab, so i'm sure a lot of people don't finish the video because they get taken to another then have to come back after watching the debunking video re-find their place, and after enough times maybe lose interest. THen you end up with people only watching a portion of the video haha, but luckily i'm not that lazy.

  17. Hmm. Your picks for this video as well as other recent ones are starting to betray an agenda…

    Having a guy with a British accent reassuring me that my government is benevolent and has my best interests in mind and that there is nothing to answer for after death is damn well played…

  18. Good video, but…dowsing actually works. No doubt there are fake dowsers. Dawkins goes for the low hanging fruit to support his assertions.

  19. You can't debunk entire areas of the paranormal, just because some people lie about their abilities and experiences. For example, you're "debunking" NDEs based on a very small amount of information. You didn't mention the many studies done, like this one… for years a doctor (can't remember his name) was putting items in unusual places in surgery and ER rooms, above shelves and lights where no one could see them. Some of his patients died and were brought back to life. Some said, while out of their bodies they saw the random things while floating above everyone in the room, like a shoe placed above a high light fixture.

  20. Conspiracy Theory Logic = When confronted with not only evidence, but scientific evidence and empirical data.
    "Of course that's what science want's you to believe!! Science is owned by the Government"

  21. Dowsing indeed works — if one has the talent to feel it. The problem is: The person is the "measurung instrument" and the rod (or whatever is used) is nothing more than an indicator.
    Experiments have shown that it is not the water itself which is "felt"; thus a garden hose with water, buried under a cover plane, will not be discovered. But real locations where it pays to drill for a well will be found correctly.
    Conclusion: There is (at least) one unknown form of energy/information/whatsoever which is the cause or the transportation mechanism for many of these phenomenae, like Reiki, Chi, telepathy, "magnetic" healing, and many more.
    Maybe we are so bad in using this mechanism just because we all were taught in school that such a mechanism does not exist.
    This also describes my critic against sceptics magazine and similar groups: they are not willing to accept the idea that there could be a unknown form of energy at all. Therefor I cannot take them serious, because a few decades earlier they likewise would have denied the existence of elevtricity, radio waves, X-Rays and ultra-violet light, because no one could proof it's existence then.

  22. You know that myth busters episode on the moon landing got debunked by a youtuber. I think his name was like Jeard White or something like that. It was a long time ago and I don't think you can find that video anymore. But he approached the guy from Myth Busters during a QA section of a conference. In front of a room full of people he asked why certain tests were done as they were and explained why they were not proper tests and how they should of been done. He got an applause from the room and the myth buster guy said something along the lines of "we're an entertainment show, you shouldn't come to us expecting to see complete scientific proof."

  23. Sorry I don't know when you did this clip but today (2017) this has been since well PROVEN that the 9/11 IS a false flag! It is a matter of PHYSICS! There was a very reputable association the Society of American Engineers and Architects who held a five day meeting at Toronto's top hotel the Fairmont York a five star hotel with all sorts of video, graphs and charts that DISCREDITED planes with fragile 2 mm thick copper alloy aluminium skin sailing through 30 cm thick solid steel columns as spaced apart at one metre intervals plus a central reinforced concrete shaft flyng in and sailing out the other side!

    Sorry that is just NOT POSSIBLE. I have photos of Tomahawk cruise missiles painted white in AA livery as well that had been fired into the Twin Towers, as a drone in UA colours that flew into the Pentagon. NO commercial plane had ever been found (flight 93) in Pennsylvania whatsoever.

    So PLEASE QUIT taking the corporate media line (who BTW used CGI to masked over these missiles and drone with superimposed supposed commercial aircraft) about this tragedy! This is a DISGRACE and DISSERVICE to the 3'000 +- who died there! You are quite obviously a part of this corporate Transnational Security State mole who is spewing all this international pro-Zionist propaganda! SHAME ON YOU of what you as a whole have done to disenfranchise humanity and spread poverty worldwide!

    Not only top world respected engineers and architects, but many professors from the top universities of the world from Harvard to Max Planck in Germany et al. have also came out against media hype and dishonesty! PLEASE don't buy into the Corporate Lie!

    You just discredited yourself to me as you seem to have bought into all this corporate crap and REFUSE to 'climb out of the box' and do your own Ihomework such as NDEPENDENT investigations! I know you are getting PAID to hold this corporate line and lie! SHAME ON YOU! Wow!

  24. While most of the debunkings serve the purpose of preventing fraudulent ideas relieving people of their sanity or money Penn & Teller basically popping the 'Santa Claus" bubble for the NDE folks seems small. Being that it is a tangible phenomenon that spiritual people interpret as the entrance to heaven, who are they to say no, no, no, this is not the final moments of your life long beliefs, it's just fade to black. If you want to believe that you're just a bit of the ongoing entropy in the universe and you come and go like a mayfly without particular purpose … fine but that doesn't mean everybody else is wrong.

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