Top 10 Things You Should Know About the REPTILIAN CONSPIRACY THEORY

No, we’re not talking about lizards driving around in fancy cars – though that’s not far off from what some people believe is happening. The concept was brought …




  1. For people saying this is bogus a hoax makes me believe it more. people stay sleeping is what they want for the public and us not knowing any of this wake up!

  2. You can't beat them..just don't let people ever realizes the truth or this system will Collapse and we won't be able to get high anymore.

  3. Thank you for a totally amusing video. Were you high when you researched it? Certainly those who created this hypothosis were on crack. The most obvious flaw is both presidential Bushes as well as Princess Diana were and are three of the most stupid people to live. Well, what the heck, toss in the whole royal family….of every country. Really, Nicholas and Alexandra? Although, Rasputin fits, and Putin!! This could be a new party game; everyone can put forward their candidate for holder of reptilian DNA and then the group could vote for the winner. Personally, from what I have observed of earth reptiles, they are reserved solitary creatures who are smart enough to want nothing to do with humans.

  4. Of course, always take the Bible as a reliable source… Cause the Bible isn't one-sided or anything… Of course not.

  5. The person in this video who believes in reptilians, look like a reptilian himself, according to his theory about how to spot the reptilians people, but actually I think their beliefs are bull!
    Sorry the languish but, I sometimes get a bit worried about womans evolth cause to some people like flat earth believers etc. They are to ignorant about reality! thanks for sharing!

  6. It's a metaphor. "Lizard Armies!" do you get that, we are not talking about aliens, hybrids, inter-dimensional beings at all. Talking about that kid who joins the military because, well, what else is there for him otherwise? Gas station, Walmart, gangs, drugs? Can't afford college, but the Army can pay that 😉 So you turn a boy from the corn and cows of Iowa into a REPTILE. Then what? you can't just drop him back off into the same S*** Hole he was desperate to leave his whole life! Now he is in another Army, the Lizard Army, the ones that conduct secret operations around the world, the ones who don't exist. Like I said it has nothing to do with the whacko conspiracy theories at all, some people are that stupid to believe the metaphor is true, but the truth is worse. Most anti-government conspiracies are founded by governments. They want you to get bent about ALIENS, "the government hiding and involved with ALIENS!" Better than you running your loud mouth to the Russians (who are always listening) when you saw a UAV Drone test flight, technology OUR technology, nope it was ALIENS, because the government says without saying it was ALIENS. See how it works? probably not, reptilian brained hybrids would be astoundingly slow and impulsive and simplistic, now a BIRD BRAIN, that is something different, and it can differentiate.

  7. The reptilians aka alpha draconis don't need gold tge annunaki do because nibiru's atmosphere was weak and damaged so the gold repairs it.

    As for the alpha draconis we're just food since the reptilians are carnivorous beings and eat human flesh their preference is children that's why people go missing all the time but mostly kids go missing.

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