Top 10 Relaxing Conspiracy Theories – Part 1 (ASMR Parody)

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  1. I have always been a fan but dude rather fully transition into an asmr channel or do this on the side I see potential in skits. You have lost ur touch I'm sorry to say this

  2. you call these conspiracies? Check this out, Garfield actually likes Jon. He's actually depressed and hates life but he likes Jon because he's the only one who ever cares for him. This is why Garfield hates Mondays, because that's the day Jon goes back to work and leaves Garfield all alone with his self loathing and Odey but Garfield actually does hate Odey

  3. Aye, Chad, I gotta hurry and get this on the air before they get me, but, I've got a conspiracy. You know microwaves? Ya know, the thing ya put Hot Pockets in? They call it a microwave, because we've been "TOLD" that they use microwaves to heat up your food, ya know, microwave oven. Though I've found out that they DON'T, but instead used the screams of the dammed. The government has a pit of people who know the truth and keep them in a little cage with a microphone next to them. Everytime someone starts a microwave, the microphone turns on. That noise you hear from the microwave? That's the sound of the yells. It might not sound like it, but that's because the government used that Twitter chip to also mess with your hearing, and it changes what things sound like. Example being the yells.

  4. The real conspiracy is, are your videos parodies of asmr, or parodies of other things (in this case conspiracy theorists) in the form of asmr?

  5. Wyatt Kane – Hope you're alright out there? Did the Tuna take some weird kind of revenge, and seal you in a tin can? Should we send you a Can Opener? Lol. Hope you're doing good, and are back soon! Totally missing your uploads! 🙂

  6. Watching the Office and got to "I once had a dream that I was eating a peanut butter and tuna fish sandwich…" it made me think of you. Well, it looks like you've gone missing after posting a conspiracy video. RIP Wyatt's videos.

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