Top 10 Reasons To Believe There Was A Conspiracy To Assassinate JFK

Welcome to Top10Archive! For more than 50 years, John F. Kennedy’s assassination has baffled the masses. In this video, we’ll take a look at 10 reasons to …




  1. My god america wake up!!!! Youve been living in a false democracy run by elites, israel, the evil jews, cia and fbi. Dont be naive!!!!

  2. I don't know why there is still vagueness around JFK assassination. I'll tell you one story to make it easy for anyone dumb enough to still trust the stupid story Govt. released that time. You might want to believe this.

    Mafia gives money to JFK's dad for JFK's election campaign with a return favor of uninterrupted business deals in USA. JFK's dad agrees to it. JFK comes to power. Lashes out against mafia with the help of his brother in attorney general position.

    LBJ who is a born bastard finds it hard under JFK's leadership to cover up his crimes, including 8 murders. JFK decides to replace LBJ from the vice president position, before second term. LBJ feels dead scared that he will be in prison soon. LBJ discusses issues with George Bush Sr. FBI director Edgar Hoover joins the party.

    JFK cuts oil subsidy, which makes oil billionaires angry. One of them Bill Murchinson.

    CIA who does most inhumane and stinking activities all around the world, including Vietnam, gets contempt from JFK. JFK fires CIA head and was all set to dismantle CIA. He refuses air support for the 'Bay of Pigs' invasion. Many CIA members get caught, tortured, embarrassed and hurt.

    Pentagon wanted to have conflict with Russia to have the industrial military complex reap billions. They had a plan to bomb cities in Florida and put blame on Cuba. JFK lashes out at them. JFK gets into good terms with Russia. Also plans to withdraw troupes from Vietnam fully by 1965.

    Every evil force combined, decide to get rid of JFK. Attorney of LBJ makes the plan. Asks 4 million $ for it. Gets 2.5 million.

    6 sharp shooters get hired. Few of them flown to USA from France, Canada. Wanted a patsy. Seeing Russian experience and CIA background, and a desire to be famous, finds the good choice in Oswald. Tells him to show Cuban affiliation and take a picture in his backyard with guns. He was never a good shooter. His friends recalled after the incident.

    JFK's motorcade was supposed to be in Florida. With LBJ's influence, it gets shifted to Texas. less than 3 months before the motorcade, Oswald is given a job in Texas book depository. Day before the motorcade, route gets shifted.

    All secret service members told not to stand on side of JFK's Limo.

    Malcolm B Wallace, hit-man of LBJ is sent to Texas book depository where Oswald was working. He gets ready with his German made Mauser rifle. Another gunman waits behind the grassy knoll, near the picket fence with an accomplice with a binocular. Two shooters in Caltex Building. One at Triple overpass. One inside storm drain near the road. JFK's driver is told to stop the car near the storm drain if he is still alive. Slabs near the drain are painted yellow just days ago, so that driver can stop at the correct spot looking at the yellow area.

    Oswald just finishes lunch. Malcolm Wallace fires the first shot. Runs down the stairs. Gunmen from Caltex building also fires
    shots. One of them hit JFK in the throat. Another on thigh and wrist of Texas Governor who sat in the front. Another bullet hits the bumper. Shooter from Grassy knoll misses and hits the rear view mirror inside the car. Another shot hits the sidewalk and a sliver of concrete hits forehead of a bystander named James Tague. Seeing JFK still alive, driver stops the car near the painted slabs and umbrella man opens his umbrella as another symbol for gunman Johnny Roselli who is sitting in the drain hole with a CIA developed Remington XP-100 Fireball handgun in his hand. As soon as the car stops in front of him, he blasts the head of JFK. Many people heard the ricochet along with an echo at the time of final gunshot. Now driver accelerates the car with dead JFK in the rear to hospital to make every fool believe that he did his best to save JFK. The reporter who saw and told about smoke coming from the storm drain was fired next day from the newspaper company.

    Shooter at Grassy knoll gets to the rental car in which they came. When Police went up, they see a fake secret service guy who told he didn't see anything unusual there. The triple overpass shooter and storm drain shooter crawled through the drainage system and ended up in Trinity river. From there, they were picked up in another rental car. Some villagers reported it to Texas police.The rental cars when returned, smelled like shit. The rental car company owner reported it to Texas police. But no investigation was conducted.

    J.D.Tippit who was a cop, looked just like JFK. The conspirators wanted him dead shot from the back to prove their lone gunman theory. They put it also on Oswald. But the killer shoots him from the front which required surgery to make the entry wound the exit wound and vice versa. Finally it was J.D.Tippit's body which was buried in place of JFK.

    Texas cops find the Mauser rifle first in the depository first. But hid it and never talk about it. Finds the Italian junk Carcano rifle and announces it belong to Oswald. Also puts four shells perfectly aligned on the window area. Only God could have shot 6 times at a moving vehicle and hit target thrice through the branches of tree which was blocking the view, with that junk. And to add to it, no gunpowder residue was found on the cheek or shoulder of Oswald.

    Power hungry Lyndon Bastard Johnson takes oath in the air after calling JFK's widow to stand next to him for sentiments and public support. After he gets into white house, first order he signs is Vietnam war, to nobody's surprise.

    The Limo which is the crime scene with 4 bullets in it (one which hit JFK in the throat and another which hit the governor, one on rear view mirror frame and one on the rear bumper) gets immediately sent to Detroit for cleanup and refurbishment. Texas police was deeply involved in the cover up along with FBI and CIA.

    Oswald goes to prison and Jack Ruby is assigned to kill him. Jack Ruby is injected with Cancer cells and dies in prison. His prison mate remembers him telling if he tells the truth, it will shock the world. Oswald's family was threatened many times by CIA. Many eye witnesses (more than 20) get killed in mysterious circumstances. Other are threatened to keep quiet or leave the country. FBI confiscated the cameras of many witnesses and never returned them. They even edited the famour Zapruder film and Mary Ann Morrman film to aid the cover up and published the edited films.

    If JFK was alive, this whole world would have been a much better place. Vietnam war, CIA Rogue element, Shadow Govt., 09/11, Iraq war, Lybia invasion, Syrian crisis, ISIS none of these would have occurred.

    God bless the righteous. Amen.

  3. For sure HLO was a patsy but a totally incorrect on the performance of a 6.5 Carcano.
    6.5 Carcano is far from weak.I own multiple rifles in 6.5 Swede which are very similar, a bit less powerful if anything, punch through 12mm mild steel without a problem.
    Neither is it inaccurate, 6.5mm round are actually one of the most accurate because they are long and thin which is more aerodynamically stable and less affected by wind.
    It also doesn't have what would be considered heavy recoil,infact its pretty mild.

  4. I swear to God that 9,11 is same story. The reality is totally different than what they want you to believe. The reality was in the hands of CIA with help of Mussad.

  5. It's not rocket science, kids. JFK signed an executive order to return America to the gold standard and get us away from the Federal Reserve. 6 months later, he went to Dallas, and one of LBJ's first acts as the new president was to rescind that order. The math isn't hard.

  6. i think the poor man should be left to rest in heaven, he is no longer alive nd to keep these conspiracies alive, stop worrying about the stuff u cant conrtol and take care of what concerns u, just my humble opinion. smh thers always the another angle to look at it…but people are obsessed with thinking they know how he died n who shot him…..leave it be and move on

  7. JFK committed a bunch of "cardinal sins" every world leader knows about. There was a time in history when the catholic church had incredibly political influence in the world and to go against the church's wishes meant, other top nations would either go to war against you or try to assassinate your leader or both. Today, there are a bunch of groups that have similar influence. Those behind the Federal Bank, The Oil companies, the weapon manufacturers, and the CIA and other affiliated secret agencies. The banks fund the weapon manufacturers, the weapon manufacturers sell weapons to countries to fight wars and protect themselves against wars, the CIA and such related organizations create wars. The banks, oil companies and other such related commodities companies move in and set up shop in war ravaged nations to give a "helping" hand. JFK wanted to cancel the USA's dependency on the federal bank, tax oil companies, take America out of some lucrative wars, and dismantle the CIA. Abraham Lincoln also wanted to decrease the USA's dependency on the Federal Bank. 
    Oil, weapons, and those behind the Fed are behind much of the world's recent conflicts with the war on terror being used as a guise to continue the exploitation of the natural resources of other nations. This isn't a new concept. In fact, what is new across the world is freedom of nations. Up until the world wars, these stradtedgies were openly practiced with nations being openly annexed/conquered/colonized. Now it's done in secret. North Korea and Syria are being targeted. China and the Soviet Union have been an "enemy" of the USA not because of their threat to the American people but because of their threat to the domiminion of those behind the Fed bank. Another "cardinal sin" JFK made was engaging in back door discussions to end the war/beef between usa and Russia. 
    I recently saw a video on youtube. I haven't verified it. But it shows the CIA agent running next to JFK being instructed to stand down and leave his side, exposing his right side and putting him in the sitting duck position.
    The Fed bank will eventually penetrate into multiple nation's and there will be a great war in which nuclear warfare to some degree will be utilised. Its kind of weird because it seems so close yet so far away. So many events are occurring that pull the time line closer and then extend it.
    BTW, Jesus is the Son of God not because of his birth but because of the way he lived and that's why God rewarded him with the status of son, and God. The status of God will be taken back. Jesus is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and all who accept him are partakers in the covenant of Abraham and the blood. Our ancestry in the files in heaven are changed and we are "born again" or given a fresh start, which means the adversary/accuser, Satan/Azaz-eL loses his ability to use your past errors or those of your ancestors to accuse you in the court in heaven. He is not in hell. None of the fallen are. They shuttle between the heavens and the earth. But at the appointed time, they will be cast down into the lake of spiritual fire. Sounds crazy. I know. I never believed in such things. Wasn't logical but i've had first hand encounters which I have analyzed using the highest forms of logical analysis. Please confess Jesus as your lord and saviour today. There is the doing part which is living your life Christ- like or atleast trying to with his help. Only he and the holy spirit can help with that. But there's an oath which you can take right now. Just pray.
    Lord Jesus, I believe in you, your death and resurrection. Please come into my life and was away my sins with your blood, write my name in your book of life and give me the grace not to sin any more. Be my father and leader. I want to know you more. Reveal yourself to me. Speak to me and use me to add value to your kingdom. Thank you Jesus. It is in your name and with your authority I have prayed.

  8. To end this story. Its a cover up. The President was killed. It been over 52yrs. Put this story to rest. JFK was stepping on some big feets. If this case haven't been solved in over 52yrs. It will never be solved. I'm sick of hearing about it.

  9. Its clear who has the power in the VS not the Senate, not the Congress, but the CIA and FBI. Well then you can expect such events and don't forget it is not the only one, its look like that they are allowed to do everything whatever they like , without the possibility of any gouverment control and if they finally decide to have a hearing , sorry boys but thats classified. Now tell me what is here wrong ???
    The gouverment create his own monster but can't keep it in his cage . My advice is follow the earnigs from the CIA and FBI agents

  10. This video has been cropped, cut down so you can't see all the action. The original video shows the driver, who was a Secret Service Agent, pull a gun up with his left hand and shoot Kennedy with a pistol over his right shoulder. Find an original of the video and watch as the driver pulls up the gun and shoots Kennedy in the head, which is when Kennedy's head goes back. Then Jackie jumps up on the back of the car to try to escape but the other Secret Service Agent forces her back into the car.

  11. Jesus! To have your husband, the father of your children head explode right besides you must have been extremely traumatic. Poor Jackie. Whoever did it had to have been a perfect shot.

  12. i think its weird 1 the camera man isn't close to the street it wasn't like is was crowded and 2 he did even flinch the camera.

  13. There was A test performed several years ago and the test showed that JFK was shot from behind because the "head" fell back and to the left when fired from behind

  14. You guys who won't accept the truth are just cattle waiting to be destroyed. Keep playing the patriotic way and ignore us who are trying to warn you. It's going to bite you in the butt one day.

  15. I think since the M.E. said at least one bullet struck him from the front, and that there was a small explosive device planted inside the back of the seat directly in front of the President. The driver had a control unit. There are several people who have pretty much proven that this makes the most sense.

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