Top 10 Queen Elizabeth Conspiracy Theories

Top 10 Queen Elizabeth Conspiracy Theories. There are many theories out there that people claim that this is not the real queen. Watch as we explain these …




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  2. This is a dumb post. Most of it makes no sense. Why would Queen Mary be a male posing as female when females were powerless breeders (less the queen and only if there were no males.) Queen Elizabeth ia a human and not a lizard. Depending on twitter for news is a recipe for getting more fake news then healthy.

  3. To relate serious stuff (which some of this is) as a joke and thus belittle it just shows a lot of ignorance. Won’t listen to this channel again!😡

  4. I Hate all the stuff people say in the comments. I don't mind TopTenQuestions doing it because they say theories. See that word… THEORIES! It means they think that happened. And here in the comments some people are saying stuff about Henry VIII. Am I the only person who's from Britain (Scotland) who isn't saying stuff like, This is not true because henry loved his daughters in the end. How do we know he hated them. The queen? So people go ask the Queen of the UK all these questions in the video and then put the right answer in the comments. You know what I wish happened? Paparazzi didn't follow everyone famous around. And since they're famous the should get all the more private stuff. I know that Diana Princess of Wales, didn't get have anything to do with the queen because the paparazzi admitted themselves on TV. My mum watched it. Sorry i'm making such a drama of it but sometimes its best to keep opinions to yourself online. At least if it's between you and your friends (if you have any) you could have an argument and get it sorted out by someone else.

  5. I think qe2 had to do with Diana's death! Qe1 dident marry because she was a smart woman! Possibly gay but she dident want to shere her power and was devoted to her country. King LOco Henry wanted a boy…he was a crazy mf and killed Elizabeth's mom ann Boleyn

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