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Top 10 Movies With Hidden Meanings | Alltime Conspiracies Did you know the secret messages behind these movies? Robin from Alltime Conspiracies makes …




  1. that was kinda eye opening?? especially Drag me to hell (about a girl's struggle with bulimia) n The Shinning (about the oppression of the native american people by the white man) n District 9 (about apartheid in Africa) actually makes the movies more structured n meaningful …or does it? hmmm

  2. marry Poppins is a firebrand for womens rights and a call to rein in corrupt bankers. which is about as creddible as most of these or maybe it is just a bit of fun

  3. Kind of disappointed that you left out 'Eyes White shut'.
    The movie, that had so much symbolism and hidden (but sometimes also obvious) mirroring to what's really going on behind the scenes of the globalist elite agenda.
    Many believe, that Kubric was in fact murdered for making that movie.

  4. in 'the shining', what would the 4th of july thing had to do with faked lunar landings hints, also conspiracy-theorized?

  5. Very interesting. I didn't get all of those meanings, and it's inlightning. But for me it was clear that Aliens was a movie about motherhood ! : the loss of Ripley's daughter, the "new " daughter Newt, the rivalty with the alien queen etc.

  6. If anyone watched the X-Men films and didn't understand the "hidden" meaning present in all of them, then they're 6 years old, or just stupid. 😛

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