Top 10 Most Famous Scientific Theories That Turned out to be Wrong

Top 10 Most Famous Scientific Theories That Turned out to be Wrong One of the best aspects of science has always been its readiness to admit when it got …




  1. So the expanding universe is accepted theory yet the expanding earth is not,???
    Makes me laugh, after researching both the currently accepted tectonic explanation <(horse shit) and the expanding earth theory<(common sense) which one should be accepted, but then to the pride of academia too many bruised apples kicking over the tectonic apple cart.
    Given enough duration, however, we find the more science discovers about observation and action to reaction ihe more the curiosity grows in the simplest of fundamentals, and that is simply "change" itself.
    The more general relativity starts to crumble into it's ridiculous "C" speed of light being the fundamental (top speed) ,,,it has and will always be about the speed of change the speed of ""NOW"'' the linear old split betwixt the tensions of our illusions called future and past, roughly but obviously shown in the humble permanent magnets divide of polarity, everything is in motion heat exchanging changing, vibrating about a singularity that allows both heats radiation of wave and gravities collapse of wave back to the divide, all @ potentially infinte frequencies, only at the fundamental level it is so omnipresent omni_"scaled" it is beyond measure as you get closer to the ultimate "inside" it is a singularity in reflection linear to all the other vibrations in slower resonance .
    You see science always fails to understand that change happens regardless of what measure is being taken, so every measurement is a rough approximation of the immeasurable accurate measure, for the measure is changing even while it is being measured.
    Therefore we accurately know nothing, lmao.
    Science is awesome , some just forget that it is not the source to explain away everything.

  2. Needs a picture of 17th century philosopher John Locke for the video, goes to google images and take one of the character by the same name from the TV show Lost. Genious!

  3. Your video is purely ridiculous for the simple fact that you disprove one Theory, by putting in place another not true theory

    Stop being a dummy, all of Einstein's theories are a hoax and full of ifs

    You stupid dummy, go read a real book, and stop paying attention to pseudoscience garbage

  4. and number ONE should be heliocentric theory….which was disproved by Newton, yet still taught in school rooms today and believed by many who do not understand physics from 400 years ago in favor of more simplistic theory. The Earth does NOT revolve around the Sun. Both revolve around a moving point, a common center of gravity of solar system which is 1/3rd of time totally outside Sun and that point is rotation around galactic center of gravity so the Earth actually is spiraling around that, rather than moving in ellipse around the sun.. Funny how evolution theory proponents still believe in spontaneous generation without any proof, cuz SCIENCE! Actually the martian canals were not an optical illusion, but some guy behind a telescope staring into brighter light and so traced his own retinal pattern again and again. Phrenology was a trend not a "neuroscience"…it was disregarded by 1840s although a small revival occurred in 1900s due to evolution theory….

  5. “VULCAN” is NOT a theory. The SOLAR SYSTEM is a valid THEORY. What planets there are is a cultivation of that theory… Theories are PROVEN and even eventually DISPROVEN when the EVIDENCE proves otherwise. GODISM has NEVER been proven…

  6. So "spontaneous generation" (life coming from nonlife) is bunk but we're supposed to believe that "abiogenesis" (life coming from nonlife) is TRUE??? Um… Ok…. (eye roll)

  7. The expandiing earth model works better than pangea which has to squash and deform the continents and does not deal at all with the pacific. You cannot have all of your water on one side of a planet and all the land on the other, center of gravity will draw the land to the center of the water mass. Common sense dictates. The earth has been gaining billions of tons of space dust and rock for millions of years, so it has to have gotten bigger. The ocean floors are all younger than 180 million years, so they are too young for the pangea model to have existed in the pacific. Subtract those sea floors and the earth shrinks by 40 to 50 percent over about 100 million years. Neal Adams youtube page has these videos and they are a perfect model.

  8. Aside from the fact that these are not scientific theories, but hypotheses, I noticed a glaring issue with number nine: Spontaneous Generation. You said, ". . . showed that maggots would not appear on meat kept in a sealed container, and the invention of the microscope showed that these same insects were formed, not by Spontaneous Generation, but by airborne microorganisms."

    No insects were formed by airborne microorganisms. They come from eggs laid by insects. Flies were observed laying eggs in rotten meat, those hatched into maggots, which grew into files. . . the life cycle was then understood and spontaneous generation kept getting weaker until it died.

  9. To talk about spontaneous generation and not mention Redi and Spallanzani is a crime. Also Percival Lowell is pronounced LOHwell and NOT LAWell. And Thomas Aquinas is mispronounced as well. Are you not able to make the distinction between Theory and Hypothesis?


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