Top 10 Infamous Cover-Ups (That May or May Not Be TRUE!)

Top 10 Infamous Cover-Ups (That May or May Not Be TRUE!) Subscribe: http://goo.gl/Q2kKrD // TIMESTAMPS BELOW There are some weird government …




  1. This may or may not be true? Who cares then? They might not be true so what's the fucking point in this video you crettin?

    North Korea just launched a missile. North Korea hasn't launched a missile… Which one of these sentences has more importance, is better clickbait and is more likely to have more information?

  2. It's been proven that the government was watching lots of celebrity activists in the 50s, 60s, and 70s. Eartha Kitt, MLK, Jane Fonda, and Jimmy Hendrix to name a few. John Lennon was a powerful man with a huge following. Of course they were keeping tabs on him.

  3. did u just suggest here that the tuskgeege experiments may not be true!!! are u fucking kidding then go on to show how it is true..um..i think ya need another title for this vid and there is declassify documentation to show that the FBI in fact listening on John Lennon and a host of other people other Americans and non-americans during that time about communism bunch of idiots you'll see communism socialism capitalism neither of them are the scourge of the earth you dumbasses both of them are the scourge of the earth alone or put labels on like communism and socialism how about we work for our money we be able to sell our things in a free market and we take care of our citizens at the same time with the health of things like that check out China's burgeoning middle class that's why I paying lose going to come over that border and shove something up our ass here in America if we don't get our heads out wake up still fits we're both right and we're both wrong on both sides we've really bungle this s*** up at 1

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