Top 10 Historical Predictions That Actually Came True

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  1. Sorry Mother Shipton predicted the internet,Phone and the T.V in the 1500's 400 years before Tesla she also predicted air planes and cars and iron ships and woman cutting their hair short and wearing pants like men and they'll ride astride but she's most remembered for saying Ouse bridge will collapse 2 times the 2nd before it is even built and it did collapsed 2 times. Mother Shipton 1488-1561

  2. Mark Twain's 'prediction' of his death is less impressive than you think when you realize that at the time he said it, it was 1909, less than a year earlier, and that he had been in poor health for years. what he was really saying was that he didn't he would live through the coming year,

  3. the periodic table hardly counts, it was just a list. "looking backward' is a joke and you could argue that the Knights Templar invented credit cards when they set up a banking system for pilgrims to the holy lands in the 13th century. typical mojo lame reasearch. london had several fires and nostradamous is so screwy using him as the source is on a par with a magic 8 ball. The titanic is an example of things being looked into. both ship names merely mean 'really big' and april was the season for the most iceburg sightings. i can go on about that mess.

  4. What if Nikola Tesla's prediction was an inspired invention? Would we have ever thought about making such thing without a thought of it?
    It's 2:30am I'm woke

  5. Estonian writer Matthias Johann Eisen (1857–1934) released 1903 a story "What Tallinn will be in the year 2000" where he predicted many right things (disappearance of horses, many cars around etc.) but the most amazing prediction was the "tiny home theatre" where "you can watch shows made in some special at your own home"! It was years before radio and 50 years before TV.

  6. Er, one mistake here. 1909 the radio was already invented by Marconi! But it was still a heavy and rare machine, so Tesla only predicted that in future everybody will have his/her own radio set.

  7. One nitpick: it's mentioned here that the Titanic had a shortage of lifeboats and life jackets. The former is undeniably true, but actually, the Titanic had an excess of life jackets on board, but they didn't do squat to save lives that night because of the freezing temperatures of the Atlantic.

    And if we're including predictors of technology, I would like to nominate the TV series "Babylon 5" (1993-1998) for having data crystals used to store files of information from computers and transfer them to other computers; in other words, it was a USB flash drive.

  8. Does anyone find it strange how the London Fire was in 1666? 666 also known as the devils number and the devil is in hell where it’s fiery. Coincidence, I think not.

  9. They didn't prove tesla right they have stolen all tesla's blue ptint's after they killed him to take away the technologies tesla inveted and that's a fact for tesla did invent WiFi and the receiving of WiFi messages is why he thought he could hear aliens in space

  10. I heard of a Hispanic Pastor who God revelead to him that the twin towers of NY were going to fall years earlier. Some say that even the FBI talked to him about it.

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