Top 10 Declassified Secrets That Will SHOCK You

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  1. PLEASE PEOPLE SNOWDEN IS A H E R O ! HERO ! hero period end of sentence end of discussion end of debate end of subject end of story but,most importantly END OF THE B.S. fake news,censorship,lies by our own Government who supposedly speaks for the people not murder them for speaking the truth justice and THE AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE ! ! ! !

  2. Who are the stupid idiot,ignorant uneducated and uninformed People who don’t have the guts to post a comment just a 👎 down but aren’t articulate enough to express themselves as human beings with an actual opinion ? ? ? ?

  3. Although I voted him in initially, Obama really did show his true colors with his criticism of Snowden and defense of American surveillance as well as enhancing the Patriot Act which was the main reason I despised the Bush administration. The liberals who defend Obama as some great president are behind naive for not seeing he was just a more intellectual style and calm demeanor with more left friendly rhetoric, yet he was the same thing as Bush Jr.

  4. The real truth has and never will be released to the public. Its all smoke and mirrors. If he's a fugitive how did he give dozens of interviews with multiple media outlets? Come on people.

  5. loved the video , snowden did the right thing , to many secrets , dont like being lied to. if u lie to police you go to jail , if your government lies to u its national security.in times of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act . .dont trust your government.

  6. Gary Webb – was this mans tragic death yet another case of someone shooting themself multiple times; in the head (more than once) and in the heart? With a shotgun? Because when you blow your own head to pieces you need to – and are somehow able to – shoot again and again, to make sure you are dead…. obviously.

  7. The greatest conspiracies (and their theories, as such) included Lincoln, Pearl Harbor, JFK, and of course, 9/11, as defined by the US and all provably true (meaning more than one person, or co-conspirator, had taken part, but just who remains in question). When it comes to conspiracies and the theories behind them, well . . . need I say more?

  8. Tod Purvis ! Yeah right it’s painfully clear and,apparent you have no IDEA HOW THE GOVERNMENT WORKS WHEN IT COMES FEDERAL CHARGES YOU ARE GUILTY TILL PROVEN INNOCENT NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND ! ! Dam it is also obvious you know nothing about anything ! Were you born stupid or did you have to work at it ? ? That moronic ideology is something I would expect from a 6th grade graduate which you apparently prove in your statement ! Are you SERIOUSLY THAT FUCKING STUPID ? ? I have done time and,understand the whole judicial system ! Until you do please for your inbred family’s sake don’t comment on a subject you have no idea of what the hell is going on,also do society a favor and,don’t reproduce ! ! ! !

  9. Ha Xb apparently by shooting him self in the back of the head and chest with a shotgun HmmmO_- seen it meany time (probably wrong but sounds funnies so I won't correct my self Xb) GOOD SHOW, KINDA NICE HA…POOP…DATO…8_8

  10. Jesus Christ, Barack Obama, get a speech coach!! You'd think an Ivy league-educated individual who became the president of the United States would be able to speak a full sentence without uh,uh,uh,ah, ah, um, um, well___ long pause used as every other word

  11. You guys are pieces of SHIT. You LIE about so many things in this video! It's propaganda, and Nothing More. Anyone reading this comment, do Not believe Anything you have heard until you do your own research! Complete Propaganda!

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