Top 10 Darkest Movie Theories

And if fan theories are your thing, why not check out WatchMojo Uk’s list of the Top 10 Harry Potter Fan theories? http://youtu.be/NsFN2dPVPh0 Top 10 Darkest …




  1. I think the secret ingredient to Wonka's candy is dead on if you are familiar with Wonka's connection to Snowpiercer.

  2. LMMAOOOO did someone just say "the jokers' superb fighting skills" FOH don't forget batman almost got beat by dogs…how bout the joker is just flat out crazy ,but smart. you don't need military training to plan anything ,or to know the movements during a police funeral,, or to withstand pain….yawn

  3. Titanic: Take it one step Farther… Jack & Fabrizio were the same person… That's why Fabrizio all but vanished from the film after they met… She 'ret-conned' her memories over the years because at the time an Italian Lover, while 'sexy' was still Taboo enough so as to deny a relationship… edited memories would also explain away the anachronisms (Lake Wissota, Freud's work, the Santa Monica Pier, even the Statue of Liberty)
    Home Alone: Time line is simple… These are in fact Film adaptations of a single person's Life, Say he's 'Kevin Kramer' baby boomer… the 'events' of Home Alone took place in 1967… a writer from Time/Life heard his story in 1970, after the events of HA2… they wrote an article which was eventually adapted into The Movies, and it was simply moved up to 1990 as a modern setting sells better (and is easier on the costuming and set budget) and names were changed to protect the innocent… come mid 90s, Flush with his HA Royalty checks, Kevin starts doing the 'Saw Stuff' … he's eventually exposed/revealed as Jigsaw… they Make movies about the Serial Killer. voila.
    Joker: Pretty much covered.
    Pulp Fiction: IDK… apparently the band aid is from a shaving nick, and Tarantino himself his expressed regret at 'gimmicking' the Case… and shouldn't there be more 'Orange Flashes' than the one cited, considering the Film's body count
    Grease: I never got the Car bit.
    Blair Witch: never cared enough about that one
    Peter Pan: Well Duh.
    Toy Story 3: Meh
    BTTF: Prime Doc has a LOT of issues
    Wonka: as sound a theory as any

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