Top 10 Crazy Conspiracy Theories

That’s what they want you to believe… In honor of the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination on November 22nd, join http://www.WatchMojo.com as we count …




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  2. I think that I'm going to probably be the most objective person in the comments right now. I think that most of these conspiracy theories are bullshit. But the Britney one seems like it COULD be true but I doubt it. I have my own theory on why she went crazy but that's for another time. I actually like the idea of the phantom time thing but I don't think its actually true. I think the wingdings thing is just a coincidence. Its a 50/50 chance that the MK Ultra hippie thing is true because I know that at least SOME celebs are into that shit.

    I think the tools of control thing is true though. There's TOO much evidence to back that up by this point. Too many times the government has promoted something that is "good for you" then a few years later you hear "oops its given everyone cancer".

    But I think the reptile thing is utter shit though. Like….. no. Just no.

  3. It's so obvious—JFK was assassinated by the Mafia working in collusion with space aliens because JFK was on to Area 51 and the secret plans being hatched there by the Illuminati and the Rothschilds to create chemtrails to make us all forget that 9-11 was really an inside job. You FOOLS! The END is NEAR! Put on your tin foil hats NOW and SAVE YOURSELVES!!!!

  4. what the fuck, the goverment actually poisoned alcohol and weed? that literally confirms how fucked in the head they are, i wonder how many other things go on that we dont know about, and its funny cause alot of conspiracy theories such as 911 being an inside job, the facts and evidence back those things up, such as jet fuel never being ever possible to melt the structure of the towers, you could keep the fire going for ever and it would never be hot enough to melt steal, and when you watch them collapse, its so fucking obvious it was a controlled demolition, then people just tell everyone that those theories are crazy and shut up anyone who dares to believe the truth, this world is so fucked

  5. What if the reason famous celebrities who were warning people about the AIDS epidemic always die young is because the world governments want to control the amount and substance of information released about the virus to ensure continued public support of their ignorance?

  6. They said the wing dings Q33NY conspiracy theory as debunked. I call BULLSHIT on the debunking. Here's why: Everyone who believes in 9-11 conspiracies believes it was organized and perpetrated by the Illuminati. Where did 9-11 take place? NY near Q(ueens). The number 11 is the sacred number in the Illuminati. 33 is a multiple of 11. Here's how it all wraps up nicely. How many letters are in the words New York City? 11. How many planes ended up hitting their targets? 3. 3×11=33.Taking it a step further: What did the Twin Towers look? The number 11. You can also argue that the Illuminati played with Christianity by placing 33 in the wingdings instead of just 11 because they wanted to mock the Holy Trinity. Going even further. The number 33 was not a flight number of the four hijacked planes. However, of the 3 (again mocking the Trinity) planes to hit their targets ALL were either; a. the number 11 itself (Flight 11 hit a tower), b. a multiple of 11 (Flight 77 hit the Pentagon 7×11=77), or C. can be broken down to the Number 11 (Flight 175 hit the second tower 7+5-1=11). Taking Flight 77 even FURTHER. There are some who theorize Flight 77 was originally supposed to hit The Second Tower. Their proof is in this: Flight 11 hit first as it was intended. Flight 77, which actually did hit second, was supposed to hit the other tower. Proof can be found again by breaking 77 down. How many letters are New York? 7. What do the towers look like side by side? 11. 7×11=77. The hijacker couldn't find the geographical landmarks so he diverted to Washington DC. Flight 175 was supposed to hit the Empire State Building. Proof? What number does the Empire State Building look like? The number 1. How many letters are in New York? Seven. How many burroughs are in New York? 5. 175!! The conspiracy fools even believe that the Illuminati was mocking Christianity by allowing that the only 3 (again that number) flights to hit their targets can be arranged numerically as 1, 2, 3: Flight 11 hit first. 11 can be broken down to the number 1 by taking 11 and breaking it down as 1×1=1. Flight 77 hit second. 77 has 2 numbers in it. Flight 175 hit third. 175 has 3 numbers in it. The only flight not to hit any target and have the people fight back was Flight 93, which cannot be broken down to 11 in any way. However, again, the Illuminati was mocking Christianity by choosing a number that is a multiple of 3. How is this mocking Christianity? Well the Illuminati KNEW that Flight 93 was going to fail but they were showing Christians that you may fight back but you're going down anyway. None of the Illuminati Conspiracy Idiots have never been able to explain how the Illuminati 9-11 conspiracy"proof" ever got in any non-Illuminati hands to begin with. A super secret society that has survived since the Italian Renaissance despite the Catholic Church persecuting them to the point that they had to go underground and stay hidden through FIVE centuries managed to get infiltrated to the point that their secret plot to kick-start what many see as the beginning of Armageddon is exposed? Idiots.


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