Top 10 Craziest WWE Conspiracy Theories

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  1. You call these "Conspiracies"? Comeon You missed the # 1 Wwe Conspiracy that Vince killed Chris Benoit. It is a known fact that Benoit and his wifes deaths were written on Wikipedia before even the police or anyone had found the bodies. It was investigated and the IP address of the computer that had edited the Wikipedia entry came from the offices of Wwe in Connecticut. Benoit was killed by Vince because he flipped out at being demoted to ECW at the time and went into a roid rage threatening Vince.
    # 2 Vince killed Owen Hart as payback on Brett Hart legit spitting and punching him at the Montreal Screwjob. Owen Hart's "Accident" happened only 1 and 1/2 year after the Montreal Screwjob. This is not soo much a "Conspiracy" as it is a "Fact" because Owen's wife too Wwe to court and Wwe settled out of court and admitted that they were responsible for his death.
    # 3 Vince killed Rowdy Roddy Piper as a means to keep Hogan quiet about all the dirt he and Vince did in the 80's and 90's such as Vince getting his own talent hooked on drugs and roids. Hogan was fired because of the racist comments he made in an interview. Hogan had threaten to not go down without a fight Vince and go public with Vince's secrets. Piper had also been recently fired from Wwe's Legends deal and had offered Hogan to come to his podcast and blow all of Vince's secrets out of the water. Piper was poisoned and died and Hogan instantly shut his mouth and stopped arguing against his firing.
    # 4 The reason why soo many wrestlers disappear and get de-pushed after being pushed is because they refuse to ride on the Pat Patterson Gay Train. The only way anyone can get pushed and keeps getting pushed is if they willingly become Patt's and his gay friends sex slave. Damien Sandow a Catholic refused to do this and was blacklisted,kept off the air and finally fired.
    # 5 Vince killed the entire Von Erick family because of the refusal of the Von Erick patriarch to sell his WCCW company to Vince.
    # 6 Vince is a member of the illuminati satanic clubs and holds power over his wrestlers by sacrificing one several couple of years as a warning to other wrestlers. As part of the illuminati he pushed the gay agenda for several generations with wrestlers like Chyna,Gold Dust,Gorgeous George,etc. Thanks to Vince pushing the gay agenda on little boys these little boys have grown up to become men who think that being gay isn't that bad. This was the main reason why Sting and Goldberg refused to go to Wwe for years because they did not like its increasing "Homosexuality".

  2. Vince didn't send Nash and Hall to destroy WCW, WCW wasn't even competition until the got there. Now Vince Russo, you could make a serious case for.

  3. shock master was not meant to fall. you said he was mean to fall.

    Terry Garvin & Pat Patterson thing is all wrong. don't you know how to read Wikipedia?

  4. You guys really suck at proof-reading. First of all…. it's CM-Punk… not THE PUNK. Second of all Jimmy Snuka has been arrested for the 1982 murder and is currently undergoing tests to see if he is mentally capable of standing trial. It also took place in 1982, not 1922. Looks like this channel isn't run by WWE fans at all.

  5. I believe th e WWF (WWE) I'd is part of the illuminati ..i think th e McMahons send people old wrestlers to get kill. th e reason why cm punk quit on national television was for safe reasons grim th e McMahons

  6. Why does everybody believe there was 2 Ultimate Warriors? While the Ultimate Warrior just got smaller because he probably laid off the weightlifting when returning to WWF back in the day, while it's possible that McMahon hired both Nash & Hall to ruin WCW in order to flush the competition down the toliet. Unfortunately you no longer have competition to compete against the WWE now at days. You no longer have Monday Night Nitro on TNT or WCW Saturday Night on TBS. While Vince McMahon is the antichrist of pro-wrestling who has ruined pro-wrestling forever.

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