Top 10 Craziest Celebrity Death Conspiracy Theories

Top 10 Celebrity Death Conspiracies Subscribe: http://goo.gl/Q2kKrD You heard all about their deaths all over entertainment news, but are they really dead?




  1. Well, I don't agree with your supposed proposition that JFK's death held behind it no conspiracy. You sure are sly about it.

    Also, is that why you don't mention Oliver Stone's JFK in a lot of film-related vids? Because of your disdain for the way the film handles the matter? If thats true, for shame. You really, really should be ashamed for yourselves.

  2. Wondering why Jonbenet Ramsey isn't listed here. I was a kid when that happened in the 90s,……..and I thought that had multiple ideas wrapped around that murder,……..

  3. you should not have included public official such as JFK in a lit of Celebrity Death! Even though presidents and politicians are famous, they are public servants, not entertainers.

  4. The only trustable medium, who gave all his channeling money to CHARITY, adopted a child and didn't eat animals and was evolved beyond belief for our time received a visit or message from Monroe saying what really happened

  5. 8:00 If you've seen "Kurt & Courtney" (Nick Broomfield) & you're a fan of Kurt/Nirvana, definitely watch Soaked in Bleach. More info and lots of details from the crime scene, all analyzed by MANY assorted medical and law enforcement professionals who are all experts in their field who all say that SOMETHING was very fishy about Kurt's death. I watched it for the first time on the day of his death 22 years later and I was blown away. Maybe the case will reopened. I, IMHO, believe it should be. The recording of the phone conversation between P.I. Tom Grant and the Cobain's' lawyer (& France's Beans's godmother) it's particularly damning as far as his death being considered "a suicide it's on Amazon Prime Video and maybe more places too. Sooo good thought.

  6. Crazy, George Reeves and Christopher Reeve both died early and played superman, but was not related?? Fuck me illuminati, mandela effect and all other conspiracy confirmed

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