Top 10 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be TRUE

AlltimeConspiracy – http://bit.ly/1HLkjIh Top 10 Conspiracy Theories Proved To Be True The rumours are true…Alltime10s reveals the biggest cover-ups and …




  1. I'd like to see the official sources of these claims. Stating these events as facts without documented citation doesn't make your claims true. Citing the specific verifiable sources does.

  2. To Whom It may concern ;
    some of this stuff is true (CIA/LSD) and can be verified with little effort ; some partly true and some completely unsubstantiated , but not proven false .
    Take it with a large grain of salt

  3. These things happen in Asia, Europe at a far higher rate but the people don't have the same freedoms that the libtarded take for granted here. Babies.

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