elisa lam video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-nIAA9o0oqk time travel evidence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=shmaAXmDEAw WATCH IN HD HD …




  1. When you were talking about the guy who you think isn't blind i thought you were saying "blond" cause of your accent? I was like, why is a person being blond so bad? lol

  2. Shut the fuck up u sound like u were forced to do this video at least change the tone of ur voice and not sound like a fucken lousy bitch

  3. okay I'm wondering because I've never seen this explained so I was wondering if anyone knew, like if we didn't get to the moon first but russia did, then where did the american flag come from, and if it wasn't there why wouldn't the soviet union call us out on it?

  4. I can certainly say the point of the government paying people for news reports. I was in a school shooting and I came out in the news being interviewed when I was eight. but there's no chance of that being true unless if it had to do something with aliens or so

  5. Girl … you Keep your Focus in Real Things.. Except the Reptilian Thing or maybe.. i don't know… all i can is… Jay-z is a Timetraveller ? No .. thats a Set Up Picture . But you can be sure that the Illuminati is Real.. Why are the most Youtubers so Scared ?? If it comes to Conspiracy Theories? You wasn't Scary.. (Y)

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