These days, if you want information, it’s right at your fingertips. In some ways this has been a very good thing. But it’s also given rise to a platform for any insane …




  1. Cannabis is a treatment and or cure or a plethora of diseases both chronic and non chronic.
    Big pharmacy spins upwards of millions of dollars fighting campaigns that wants to legalize the medical usage of cannabis in the United States. Oh but that's just a conspiracy theory my bad

  2. Truths mixed with the ludicrous to make it all seem like rubbish… muddied waters, red herrings, and crazy labels… There is a bit of truth or deliberate untruth in all rumours, gossip, jokes, lies and deceptions… and the wise consider all the information before they make a decision. We all have biases and prejudices and acknowledgements of that for the reasons why we believe or don't believe things is the truth… other wise one must consider are they really physic even though they don't believe in being psychic?

    How about the conspiracy theory that governments make all things that can harm them into a nutter conspiracy theory category, and using ridicule and mockery, get away their stuff. Like UFO reporting by pilots being career suicide, like alternatives to cancer treatments by qualified doctors being career suicide. Like alternative energy sources, like cold fusion, being considered crazy and career suicide. Like bald headed guys with youtube channels mocking others for a past time, as being sanctioned by the government to promote ridicule as part of the popular culture?

  3. Thanks to the ADA, my dentist's office was punished for Medicaid fraud and lying to disabled patients, causing them (including me) severe pain and loss of teeth. I reported their butts after I had to go to Pittsburgh, PA to a dental school there.

  4. Back around 2010 a bill was proposed in the U.S. Senate to require prescriptions for vitamins, aspirin and even old fashion apothecary treatments. Big pharma openly supported the bill, which did not pass.

  5. boy I've never heard a video that was so full of crap in my life! this is just another video to calm people down and heard the Sheep Slaughter. chemotherapy will kill you it killed my father. I was a gold miner and exposed to Mercury at an early age and throughout my life also had Mercury fillings in my teeth and I have lost every single tooth that had Mercury and then they just broke off and now I have a it's eating away at my bone in my Jawbone. also as a minor in the rivers I was exposed to many things including a parasite, try going to the doctor with a parasitic infection which they just seem to not believe exist. you will be neglected abused called delusional crazy or a drug addict. you will find yourself in a place that you couldn't comprehend could exist but it does and it's real this video is to calm down the true realities and the real evil that's in this world. you have eyes so let you see oh, you have ears so let you hear, you have the mouth so let you speak do not be led to slaughter!

  6. I don't know why I even looked at some of the comments… so many dumb people… if you believe any of those, you need to just go to wikipedia and like educate yourself…. really… go read the news now and then! Read a book!

  7. 4:00 To be fair, America has had a looong history of doing fucky things with BioChem experiments. From Tuskgee to LSD, from virus-bombing San Fran to the C.I.A. drug trade.

  8. 5:50 Yeah no, that's… pretty accurate. Antidepressants to treat misery and opioids to treat any kind of pain. And the prescription institutions get GIANT bribes.

  9. Sick people=more money spent on medicine/treatment. Side effects from medicine/treatment=more medicine/treatment for those side effects, which=more money.
    It's that simple. I'd say at least a few of these are more than theories, but that's just my belief.

  10. I hate to inform you but it has been proven that big pharma has been pushing opiates to get people addicted or skis me pushing doctors to push opiates to get people addicted they know how dangerous it is they know how addictive is and it doesn't matter to them they are paying doctors big payout to get people strung out

  11. A known fact is big pharma companies are jacking up the costs of drugs just to make more money off of sick people. Doctors are paid so-called "money for scientific research" which means nothing else than they should prefer the products of just THIS company prior to others. In reality, people mostly don't have any kind of scientific/doctor background
    so they have to take the doctors word for it. There are millions and millions of $ in the pharmaceutical industry. Many drugs are just withheld in order to protect their own product that would have been obsolete. It's a multi-billion $ business and everyone just wants a piece of the cake. The losers of this game are ordinary people that had the unfortunate fate of becoming sick.
    A lot of products can be obtained from mother nature herself but there is NO interest in this from the big pharma conglomerates. For every thing we find in nature that could cure or ease a disease there is money running out of the pockets of these criminals.

  12. Chemo is poison but it’s meant to be if it wasn’t as virulent and fucked your body up so much it wouldn’t be effective at all

  13. The anti-vaxxer's top spokesperson and advocate is a washed-up former nude model and softcore porn star, who has a long history of drug / alcohol abuse and emotional issues.   She wants big pharma and th gubbamint to be responsible for her son's autism, instead of owning up to losing in the genetic dice game and / or her own past life choices.

  14. Dem vaccines r killin' r white yuth! It was made by tha' devil and Obama in hell!!!
    Reed Hillary's e-males it's rite dare in black and white, go ask Alex Jones he dune a video bout it!

    Meanwhile back in the 1st world, get your kids thee proper vaccinations including HPV. Unfortunately others are not as fortunate as you so count your blessings.

  15. People only make fun of conspiracy theorists because they themselves realize that their entire world veiw is based on their trust of the complete strangers in charge that constantly lie and get caught in horrible immoral scandals….the same leaders who coined the term "conspiracy theorist" to discredit those who figure out their cons….whos the loon?

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