Top 10 Conspiracies of All Time

Top 10 Biggest Conspiracies of All Time Subscribe http://goo.gl/Q2kKrD From the deaths of JFK and Princess Diana, to the collapse of the Twin Towers, the …




  1. what about the conspiracy that conspiracy theories are there to give YouTube lots of money by making people watch videos about conspiracy theories? Oh yeah…

  2. How are chemtrails JFK assassination 9/11 and vaccinations are considered 'conspiracies'????? the only conspiracy is the government's story their story is conspiracy one or more people involved in carrying out an objective and that's what they're doing each one of those is a conspiracy it's their conspiracy all these are facts for CDC they've known about autism and vaccinations since 2001 and we're going to throw it out the window into a whistleblower that work there brought it out JFK's assassination Lee Harvey Oswald was at the bottom of the so-called 5th floor building that he shot from yet when the motorcade went by you can see him clearly standing on the ground how do you shoot up another 40 50 yards down the road and he wasn't armed makes no sense at all that's why you can't get his tax returns till this day he's the only person you can't because if you did you would find out he work for the CIA yes the CIA always has something to do with everything involved everything people operation Mockingbird where they control the media MK Ultra people thought you were crazy for that until they didn't get it in 1995 they do this it's a well-known fact false flags are done back from Adolf Hitler and the right side to operation Northwoods JFK wouldn't sign it he got killed then later on 9/11 all 19 hijackers never been in this country don't know our air defense system can pull off of Military precise execution with a guy in a cave on dialysis come on people use common sense are you serious f**** crazy

  3. what the hell people a tsunami can't be no goddamn conspiracy mother nature just happened morons. and aliens don't get me started on those fake buttfuckers cause I never seen one high or sober.

  4. When powerful governments kill their people (with "chemtrails" or whatever), they are no longer powerful. They have no one to govern.

    Americans should also remember who the government is. We are the government. It's not some strange group we call "them", it's us, and we always get what we want, no matter how screwed up that is.

  5. LOL if you still believe these are "conspiracy theories" in 2016, and not plain truth, you are dumb as fuck.. Especially 9/11..

  6. Personally, I am fascinated by the conspiracy theories surrounding the JFK assassination. I for one DO NOT believe that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone and that the theories still stand to this day. Furthermore, the Warren Commission Report was a total fraud and a farce.

  7. "Population or even weather control!"
    Shouldn't…Shouldn't population control be the "or even"?
    Alright, alright they COULD be trying to kill us all, or..or get this..they're trying to make it rain.

  8. Jfk has to be 1 there are just so many different theories it would make your head explode but it is also fascinating at the same time rip jfk

  9. There was no conspiracy around JFK assassination, after all his brother and the rest of his family can confirm it without a doubt. Anyone can go to a random public library and get the full report on the subject.

  10. I know the terrorists are bad but the Gov. must have made some terroristic things too and they blame the terrorists for it specially when the terrorists are active! (terrorists mustn't be pity for this but still)

  11. When are the kike worshipers at watch mojo going to add to the list of conspiracies the greatest conspiracy of all time; religion.. Hello mojo, hellllooooo…

  12. Conspiracy theorists are fucking crazy and just want control over things that they fear losing control of.


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