Top 10 Celebrity Conspiracy Theories

Top 10 Celebrity Conspiracy Theories Subscribe http://goo.gl/Q2kKrD TIMESTAMPS BELOW! How much do we really know the people on our TVs? Welcome to …




  1. Surely Wacko Jacko was the guy to drop the baby to save Bush's ass.
    But I suppose why stop at one baby dropper? Two baby droppers equals twice the distraction impact: drop that baby one more time…

  2. You do realize if you clone someone, the clone would have to be born and grow up.
    If Megan Fox was cloned, the clone that replaced her would be waaaaaay younger… people would definitely notice

  3. What about the almost ancient (now) Christian conspiracy theories? 1) That Jesus was married, and 2) a more current one, That KISS are all Satanists, and so are their fans.

  4. U guys forgot Avril Lavigne's conspiracy theory. People say that she committed suicide in 2003 and then replaced…
    Idk if I should believe that because some say it's true and some say it's not

  5. #10 doesn't even make sense. Why would being a clone cause her to look different? Clones are supposed to be exact genetic replicas of the original. And if Megan Fox secretly died and had a clone left in her place, why didn't they also make clones of all the celebrities that we know have died too? Far more notable people than Megan Fox have died and been missed by the public, I don't see why they'd choose her to clone… Honestly all of these pretty insane, except the Taylor Swift/Kanye West one. That I'd believe…

  6. one thing i cannot stand is when things are deemed as conspiracy for what seems like to take away the credibility of something that may just be true. I feel like the connotation of conspiracy makes something seem is if it is propaganda or like it is derived from some "crazy" thinking but in reality the reason for the "theory" is not that unlikely and actually credible in itself, that is just my opinion. of course some of them are just farfetched and dumb but there are cases when I do not think it is just ok to write them off

    most of these are just silly and I have never heard of them

  7. Princess Diana was murdered, that's not a conspiracy theory lol. Why wouldn't an unelected extremely powerful family who does anything they want, just get rid of their problem?

    I mean the Queen was just oh so moved during her national statement oh so quickly after her death. That is the reaction of a woman who thought people wouldn't care, about another woman she didn't care for.

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