Top 10 Celebrity Conspiracy Theories That Are Actually TRUE | True Facts Compilation | Top 10 Daily

As we all know, the Illuminati and alien lizard people who control this world work in mysterious ways, but you may not have known just how deep this goes!




  1. 1. "Stephen King killed John Lennon": No idea/opinion on this one. I believe some Charles Manson family members did it.
    2. Justin Bieber is a reptilian: Yes. And a satanist too. No joke. Believe this one.
    3. Avril Lavigne is a clone: No. She was very young when she started and they gave her this "alternative" image to market her to "alternative" kids. Then she got older and they changed her image for making money. She became a blonde bubblegum pop girl. It's called aging, surgery and image change. She possibly did a lot of surgery to her face.
    4. Kanye is a clone: Haha, I don't know about Kanye. I just think he's not the brightest bulb there is 😉
    5. Taylor Swift is a satanic clone: She's a rich spoilt brat with rich parents. I don't know about her parents. They seem rich and influential. But I don't think she's a clone. I just think she's a bit spoilt and conservative. Other than that she might even be ok.
    6. Katy Perry is Jean Benet Ramsy: No. It has been debunked. Jean Benet Ramsy was killed by her jealous brother and the parents helped covering the case. It has been confirmed. Katy Perry might be a controlling victim though but she's not Jean Benet.
    7. Keanu Reeves is immortal: How many brown-eyed men with longer hair and a beard are there? It's a certain style that suits certain men, it's looking attractive and this look was popular with kings in former centuries. They obv all look alike because of this style.
    8. Nicolas Cage is a vampire: Not sure about vampire. Nicole Cage and Marilyn Manson look alike, anybody figured? I believe they are satanists and possibly reptilians.

  2. Your an idiot!! A sheep it's sad maybe research some stuff b4 making jokes about SOME things that maybe are in fact true, the world is a sick place and it's not all sunshine and butterflies there is a devil and God, good and evil, the natural and the Supernatural WAKE UP!!

  3. I picture the narrator wearing giant clown shoes, a red bulbous clown nose, and a big rainbow-colored clown wig bursting out from under his crinkly tinfoil hat while reading this. But then again, I can't be trusted on the count that I'm an immortal satanic reptilian clone vampire time traveler and card-carrying Illuminati member who faked the lunar landing while having a threesome with Taylor Swift and Avril Lavigne.

  4. Stop smoking immediately or We freez you like Desney lol that's the only think its true. All the rest are to be checked out by a psychiatrist.

  5. WOW I am so IMPRESSED by how REAL theses are!! I am TOTALLY and UTTERLY convinced!!! Thanks for showing me these completely REAL FACTS!! 🤭🤭

  6. This is the funniest video I've seen in a long time. Seriously… Keanu is Charlemagne LMAO. You'd think he'd know his way around medieval times better in Bill n Ted's. If you were trying to be serious than you should seek a few rounds of intense therapy to get you more in touch with reality.

  7. how dare you speak about Jean Benet Ramsy like this. making a joke about her death is disgusting. that poor child was obviously sexually abused and murdered. not funny in the slightest. shame on you.

  8. I always had a hunch, but this proves it! The Illuminati is using celebrities and politicians to control our world! It all makes so much sense! Also, first!

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