Top 10 Cartoon Fan Theories

If you dig deep enough in any form of media, even in cartoons and animated fare, you’re sure to find some truly mind-blowing explanations about why certain …




  1. also in the start of the 2nd season of pokemon it said that it took ash 15 months. but in black and white it said he was still 10 so

  2. ed edd and eddy had some strange episodes the one where they start cutting shapes out of reality that one freaked me out and the last where they literally broke the 4th wall

  3. That last one is what I call some goyische bullshit… No way. "Hey, I know, if we replace these characters with OTHER people in a TOTALLY DIFFERENT context, it's the SAME THING!" No.

  4. The Ed, Edd n Eddy theory never made sense to me. For one thing, Eddy is clearly a child of the '70s (disco ball, lava lamp, round bed, wood paneling and shag, speedos and body oil, "magazines", etc.) I'm also not on board with Jimmy. He feels more like he came out of the '50s than the 2000s. Like maybe he was gay and his dad just thought he was a wimp and tried to man him up and when Jimmy came out, his dad killed him in a fit of rage.

    Also, WALL-E didn't do shit. The film clearly establishes that humans screwed up the planet. WALL-E is just a sentient machine trying to continue operating several centuries after he was supposed to.

  5. Do people not remember the final episode of Ed EDD and Eddy? It was all memories. The reason they never change never leave is because it's all what's left in their decaying minds. It's scraps of truth and fog the creates crazy memories as the reminisce together as elderly people in a home. They don't leave possibly because they don't remember things outside the neighborhood. But they also have to leave sometimes because in some episodes their in a Forrest so unless Jimmy has one hell of a back yard I donno how that's on their street. They completely reveal the show in the last episode though I loved the ending and was really glad they actually got the chance to wrap things up their way and not just ending outta nowhere leaving the show incomplete

  6. Hey don't be mean to worry I didn't do that who are the company and he's trying to destroy it does it do mean the Earth by getting all the stuff into him on his own home said of living in a bus for you

  7. the ed edd and Eddy show I wonder why the kids look so odd I thought they where just sick or live in a Broken town or on drugs but when I heard they all died I was like what the heck.

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