Top 10 British Conspiracy Theories

Top 10 British Conspiracy Theories Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/c/watchmojouk?sub_confirmation=1 Assassinations, disappearances, body-doubles, aliens and an all-conquering race of lizard…




  1. Interesting that the British Roswell should come up when that is a subject to be explored on next week's Expedition Unknown's alien search episode. As to the Titanic, that would mean that it would have had to been the Titanic was named Old Reliable during a 24 year career and that irony is just to much to ask anyone in any sort of right mind digest. It still however would have put Violet Jessop and Arthur John Priest on all three ships during their worse hour as happened in reality.

  2. "As part of one of the world's biggest boybands, Louis Tomlinson…". You didn't think it was worth mentioning which boyband that was? Was it not relevant?
    II couldn't tell one band from another, but it should still be part of the story. Just like if you'd said /from one of Africa's poorest countries/. They're pretty much just names to me, but I would like to know which one you were talking about.

  3. im surprised a British person would waste even 8 minutes on that fuck, even in the form of a watch mojo video…

  4. It's a widely held belief now that when people say 'Lizards' they are actually referring to Jews.
    Anti-Semitism is still frowned upon, but if you have a conviction that evil space Lizards should be exterminated you are considered a harmless crank.
    Even if those space Lizards are coincidentally Jewish.

  5. The one that never made any sense to me is the one regarding the "death" of Paul McCartney. If he had died and was replaced by a look alike, why leave clues about the "death"? It'd make way more sense to try to keep the deception a secret.

  6. The lizard people do exist, look at trump. the flabby rubbery face, the crazy expressions and the ridiculous hair!!! trump is a lizard creature, he was installed as president to destroy the EPA and make the planet hotter so the lizards can take over.

  7. i believe that there is strong circumstantial evidence that Diana was killed by our security services.Some conspiracies turn out to be true and this one has some credebility

  8. Watch Mojo are a tool of the Illuminati to spread disinformation and keep everyone from critical thinking! 23

  9. Harry Styles is enough to make anyone vomit or hide for years cuz he uses his power to step on ants or people who don't agree with him. I bet the other members of his band burned Harry's special underwear.

  10. I wouldn't mind bring controlled by Vastra. And seriously? Shakespeare couldn't have been educated enough in order to write his plays? He's the British Alexander Hamilton, for gods sake!!!!

  11. Shakespeare did write his plays – the people spreading the stupid theory that someone else wrote them, are part of the upper classes, who can't bear the thought that the best writer ever, was not upper class too.

  12. wtf!??lost a boyfriend just his believing in lizard and he is in army…so…he rather smoked marihuana all day,reading youtube comments about royal family and other famous ppl and after a year an a half smoking and watching such videos…he's still in the army and other so called friends from army..and rather that he would be here on Earth with me, working on our relationship and our house… he's just become obsessed and all went wrong…don't even know is it my foult,wanting a normal ,haappy life…wouldn't bodered me ,if he wasn't spendending so much money on weed and would still help to make a normal souranding for a child…evereybody has to have its own hoby…. but, getting violent,'couse not agreeing with him, carrying havy stuff myself, lost a baby, 'couse of his bettings,'couse not having the same opinion….so. ..I ignore all that "propaganda", but doing that to a person, more subsective under inffluence of weeed I do try to fight against u, with so called alien theory….sad and sorry,'couse there are still ppl out there then rather have a happy life, are loooking this shit!!look at it but be still a person with sense for real reality,family,feelings…not throw it away,'couse u r under someone else influence or other stuff…had a very sad experience ,'couse of all this shit that is going around…if it's true…time will show…but still,first are our beloved ones,our happienes,then all of that…and just loosing my greatest treasure 'couse of one maniacs uploads such crazy shit…and doing that just for glory and fame… just, hope u will suffer someday as I feel day aftre day all the pain, that's as strong as in beggining….wish all the others, consider,what u want more…happienes with beloved ones here, making day, by day, have fun or guessing stupid theories that are put up by someone with reall brain demage!! who knows how do u mislead ppl…really wish u all the suffering I'm going througt…u'r really fucked up…and alone…who could even stand u…fat and live in ur's mother basement and upload such crap…so wish u that u get a life ,even if u took it from others…u fucking sicko!

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