Hey homies! Today we have another conspiracy video! This time were talking about THE TITANIC! Was it sunk on purpose? Switched with another boat? Cursed …




  1. Hi!
    i am sooo happy to have found your channel! it didnt took me long at all to want to subscribe. i am obsessed with conspiracy theories, mandela effect, and murders/ people missing (your new "where is" segment). i am commenting on this video, because first of all i watched so many Titanic documentaries in the past, and i just listenned to the first minut of this video, and i had to pause it so i could tell you AMEN. i really dont know what the rest of the video will be, but just the fact that you talked about the Titanic not being the Titanic or whatever. Yass. i am on board with that idea. Thank you!!

  2. If they did switch the ships then what happened to the real Olympian? Wouldn't they have a double loss since they sunk a good ship and ended up with a clunker? Or would the insurance be enough to cover the loss of 2 boats?

  3. Can you do a video about the Madeline McCann disappearance?????? I believe that the parents of Madeline are part of a secret society or cult and put Madeline in as a sacrifice and that's why Maddie hasn't been found and why only maddie was taken and not her two siblings

  4. Apparently there was a fire onboard before it set sail and whilst it sailed and it took ages to put it out but no one above them knew about the fire

  5. There's an interesting documentary on Netflix about Titanic's "last mystery" that poses a compelling theory about why they couldn't see the iceberg. I highly recommend.

  6. So Margaret Molly Brown is a famous Titanic survivor who had two houses here in Denver. You can tour her houses and it is really interesting. I would love to see some of her personal journals about that time! She was in Germany and had to get on the first ship back to New York to see her grandson. She survived and then raised $10.000 on the rescue ship, placing the names of everyone who donated money and all those who did not posting it on the front of the ship for everyone to see.

  7. keep up the good work, your videos are very interesting and as an outside thinker myself, i respect the way your delivering this information and encouraging people to do their own research with everything 🙂

  8. Eeeeek, can't get enough of these videos.  It does seem very much like all those people lost their lives due to a ball'sed up insurance scam x

  9. hey I just found your channel yesterday and I've been glued to my computer watching all your videos!! I love your personality and content!! keep doing what your doing and your channel will go far!!! keep up the great work, your beautiful inside and out!!! ❤❤❤??

  10. You're right! The Ship that sank was not the Titanic…. You're soooo right…. Do more research… JP Morgan was a bastard….

  11. Just a few points to debunk this theory I guess if they were going to hit it on purpose why would the lookout scream ICEBERG RIGTH AHEAD and then try to avoid it wouldn't they just let the titanic hit and the lookouts couldn't see because they didn't have their binoculars and it was pitch black basically, when they finally saw it it was too late,There was no mummy or cursed objected ether thats been proven false as well,Most of the crew died as well were they not notified about the plan,why send a sos after they hit why not before so they could get setup and clear any confusion and the richest man aboard the titanic died and so did most of the elite.I will admit so of their moves were really stupid and they did meet up and decide how long it would take for the ship to sink they said 2 hours so why wouldn't they just be like setup the lifeboats it took a hour for the first lifeboat to leave I don't know who said that it would take days to sink. I don't know tell me if i'm wrong I need feedback

  12. i strongly believe that the titanic switch theory myself because i as most people know that the Titanic aka ( Olympic) broke in two as she was going down I look at other shipwrecks and notice that most of them never broke in two and titanic did and i think its because it was the Olympic because she was really badly damaged

  13. Umm…while this is a very nice and otherwise convincing theory, I'm afraid it is just that. The pictures you shown of the windows of the Olympic and the Titanic are wrong. On the Olympic, the top "windows" aren't actually windows, they are balconies. On the Titanic, the top row cuts into both balconies and windows that split about half way across the whole ship. There are pictures that exist that show construction photos of both the Olympic and the Titanic that have correct windows. If you look at pictures of the ship at the bottom of the ocean, you will see windows on the top row. If that really were the Olympic that had sank, you would see balconies on that top row instead.

  14. Amon-Ra is the egyptian sun god, I don't think there's a way for it to mean ship wrecker! 🙂

  15. The thing is that the titanic sank in a clam no moon and a sky full of stars witch is stunning but deadly because you can't see anything also it is possible that I the lookouts a mirage witch is possible in cold climates any I think that the titanic sunk in the wrong spot and that is why the Californian was so far away

  16. This is more fascinating to me than the typical 9/11, JFK, moon landing conspiracy theory. Why? It's more reasonable to doubt the veracity of accounts that have no video evidence of what actually occurred. We can only rely on witness testimonies of an event that happened in the near black vacuum of an ocean's night. Most of them not able to see this "ghost" iceberg. Continued…

  17. It still may have been an accident of faulty engineering due to budget cuts, and for insurance purposes. An internal problem of the ship instead of an external force. It's a very intriguing event ripe for further investigation.

  18. waiting to hear about Violet Jessop on here; she was on three sinking ships, one of which was the Titanic- she survived all of them. And, of course, Chase bank is involved lol

  19. I was always a little skeptical of this theory but seeing those pictures really makes me think about it. Great video.

  20. You put such a correct point. I believe the U.S. reserve played a part in it. I have over 100 books on the Titanic sinking. I still find it hard to believe that that ship went down on it's own. As a construction business owner that has built several high rise complexes and casinos I see the power of the money. I can believe and understand the finical issue of white star line… I DO NOT CONDONE THERE BEHAVIOR but if it be true for the time things were different. Believe what your told kinda word that was then…I can en lithe you on so many other things about the Titanic….. The Pope even got off the ship…….you have a good blog

  21. I haven't watched the whole video yet, it just started. But I heard of that theory already and ugh idk I'd be so disappointed. Even if they didn't mean that it would turn in such a huge catastrophe, it's really bad if it's true. I've been fascinated by the titanic for YEARS, the 1997 Titanic movie is my favourite movie ever and I'm always reading about the titanic and I just really hope that's not true.

  22. I just had a thought when I was younger I learned about the titanic and my grandma always asked me questions she would test me so she knew I had all the right facts and one of the questions she asked me was what was the man who designed it and I knew and then a while ago she suddenly asked me his name and I couldn't Remember it neither could my gran so when i got home that night I tried searching it up what's wired I could not find any info at all it's like the guy didn't exist I'm not sure that the guy was the designer but he had a big part and it really leaves me thinking but he is in the film he had a moustache and dark comb over hair and I think he had a pretty wired name if you know anything please reply ?

  23. If the Titanic and the Olymic were switched…

    then the Titanic continued to be used as the Olympic after…

    Where are the pictures of the Olympic post Titanic sinking?

    Can we compare those pics with the Titanic pics pre maiden voyage?

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