Tin Foil Hat Diaries: Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True

https://www.facebook.com/thenotperfectone Everybody like to call me a tinfoil hat but in turn I call them sheep. They question nothing and seem suprised every …




  1. Thanks for this truthful vid, NP1! "Verita Tem Quaerite et Exponite Malum (Latin for "Seek Truth & Expose Evil"). Peace.

  2. the Pentagon had nearly 100 active cameras.. but they can't show you 1 video piece of evidence of a plane hitting or even approaching 1 of the most guarded building in the US.  the only video revealed to the public from a gas station across the street shows the explosion but no plane.  The FBI sieved the tape and only after a lawsuit it was released back to the public.  

  3. the official cause of world trade center buildings falling was because of jet fuel.  however 1 plane came up missing.  Was it supposed to hit WTC7 as part of the staged attack?  i think so.. WTC7 fell without a plane hitting it and no jet fuel on the beams to reach the required temp to melt the beams.  the owner larry silvertien admitted they "pulled it" meaning the detonated the building.  it also turns out he knew in advanced because he got extra insurance 2 months earlier.  Bush's brother was head of security and he also stepped down before 911.  none of these people whom seem to know were in the building on that day who worked there everyday.    

  4. love the foil hat! you know what is hysterical? If usa gets hit with massive e m p attack the only people surviving will be those "crazies" wearing the tin foil hats. can you see it? a few people walking around in tin foil hats saying, I told them so but they wouldnt listen.

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