Timothy Alberino’s Most Valid CERN Conspiracy Theories

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  1. You described these people like I would describe my dad. Well, maybe not the borderline insane part. He isn't crazy.

    He's such a nerd…he even wears his pants up to his nipples! Lol I adore my daddy, though! He was offered a full scholarship to MIT for rocket science straight out of high school, but went into the military instead. He's just as smart (….if not more so, because his intelligence isn't based on one thing. I swear this man knows nearly everything!) as every one of those people at CERN, and would most definitely be biased if he worked there. He's already biased towards that kind of stuff in a sense, and refuses to see any negative implications as more than insulting conspiracy theories. It drives me crazy!

    However, his bias might not necessarily be because of his intelligence, but more because he believes the very best in people, and cannot fathom in his wildest dreams people being as evil as some are. I love and dislike that about him. He's probably one of the most innocent and naive 72 yr old Vietnam Veterans anyone could ever meet. It's frustrating and annoying at times, but also the reason I look up to him more than anyone but Jesus Himself.

  2. I totally agree with Tim about brilliant scientists…..I always say that it's their fault if our world goes in a certain direction and its usually dark!!! The Atom bomb and the Nukes…for these are the beginners of this sick dark direction!!! NOW WE BATTLE THEIR GENDER CORRUPTION….LOOK WHAT THE SURGEONS AND THE PSYCHIATRISTS HAVE DONE TO OUR COUNTRY!!!???!!! NOW WE HAVE A BUNCH OF SORRY FREAKS RUNNING AROUND WISHING THEY NEVER HAD THEIR GENDER REASSIGNMENT SURGERIES AND GAYS WISHING THEY NEVER ENTERED THAT WORLD IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!???!!! $%^*&#%^*$@#!!!

  3. CERN used a weapon, on the world, as it settled over me, and generated it's event, all things that are positive(a piece of heaven), fell from the sky(down a blackhole), and collided with the monster(negative energy), it knew to be itself…me…and well now I see what has happened, is happening, did happen and is going to happen and never happened….and should have happened…

  4. Are they REALLY loosing devils & demons?  How should we be praying? Might they destroy Earth, even more than the CIA, FBI, NSA, et al. . . has?

  5. Operation Paperclip, brought over to America the most evil occult luciferian scientists from Germany, science is now the NWO pagan religion.

  6. What if CERN like an AI connected to the World Wide Web, Cell towers, Haarp Smart Meters etc in order to control every aspect of our lives !

  7. People could have said that 1000 years ago. Where would we be riding about in wagons & FIGHTING IN Blood thirsty battles, burning witches.

  8. all you need to do is watch the demonic rituals they did at cern where government politicians and scientists etc were all present and in attendance. It is a demonic satan worshiping cult!

  9. Yup your right there blinded by there belief in there religion Science Math and are focused on there task so much that its all they can see blinded by there goal nothing else matters to them till they get to that goal nothing will stop them they put themselves above us looking at us as lower level ! And Quantum mechanic's And A.I with the new Computer's is Nut's Cant think of the name Quantum Computer's that's the one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PqN_2jDVbOU&t=552s watch this it's crazy but true but he talks of parallel universe's yet I think its Demonic instead call me crazy to me its only option one or other and there using partial weapons on us there starting fires with them in California they just did it again this week

  10. If the two witnesses of end days are the Jews and the gentiles and if in the last days those two witnesses are given power to burn shit up then I hope I'm still alive when that happens cuz I goit a whole list of people I want to give the burning stare.

  11. It has been said that they have been useing particle beams to burn down Californias Forest, They got footage of the beams coming down from the sky its on YouTube you can see where it touches down first then everythimg catches fire it's totally nuts that someone would do this..

  12. Please address fish now swimming in the Dead Sea… This was Foretold in the Bible. It's quite an amazing thing, Life returning now. Sodom and Gomorrah may have been found beneath the Sea, nobody could sink beneath. Why isn't this on the news? 🎼JOY to the fishes of the Deep Blue Sea, Joy to you and me!

  13. Blessings! I was lead to a series that will answer your questions and more and I wanted to share it with you.
    Utube channel:
    432 The Drop
    King drop 2016-
    Sinking of Egypt, Atlantis, Thoth, vibrations, hounds of the barrier, Emerald tablets, Pyramids, Nephilim, The Lemurians(Americans)
    Peace and blessings!😇

  14. I'm absolutely in awe that with individuals like the speaker here and his audience we still have any scientific progress at all.

    Nerds? Not normal humans? Well, if being a specialist in a difficult field escapes your imagination, perhaps you should find another field of interest for yourself? Carpentry is a very noble craft.

  15. Ohh real brilliant huh ? Thats why they have been trying to get me to work there ' i keep kindly turning the propositions down , and exactly why i use a diffrent name on net . first born indigo of my era

  16. Black matter is evil, white matter is hard to make which is holy, when we fight or going through hard time ,we make black matter which these spirit and falling angel there off spring and those who are into occult need dark matter to do there evil stuff, so we stay happy and keep are mind on good we can stop them around us, when you meet a person and they start drama, or get those around us upset because they need dark matter, it like power sose or food to there spirit apart if them, is some stay happy or let it roll over, they get mad and mad because they can not make make black matter,

  17. Many scientists display symptoms of Asperges syndrome which, among other things, affects the ability to abstract think…..hence a sufferer asked to develop a means of aerosol spraying various toxic substances will quite happily do so due to their brain not putting their part into a bigger whole thus their conscience isn't screaming & waving red flags.

    And I guess it's just another of those quirky coincidences that Asperges has been removed as a mental disorder.

  18. The scientists have made equations that they tell us ensures our safety.
    If they can make such an equation then they must already know the results of experiment.
    How can they equate for the unknown?
    Why dont people get this?

  19. This all ties in with people trying to untie the blockchain with which the devil was bound. They figured if enough people could be incentivised to "mine" bitcoin and break the blockchain they will be free.
    I feel this ia what the Holy Spirit has been teaching me. The name blockchain sounded demonic from the very day I heard it. I knew there was an agenda and thw Holy Spirit has been explaining these things to me.
    Oh Lord please forgive me and us for knowingly and unknowingly participating in these things please divest us ASAP.

  20. That's true: There are people working at Cern with very high intelligence, but with zero spiritual knowledge. And that's why they don't know what they're doing. It's just like with secular theologians: They know several languages and all that, but they never have been taught by god. And that's why they don't understand the bible and twist it at their own discretion, just like it's written (2. Peter 3,16)

  21. I have been trying to respond to you my email is being messed with. But honestly God has nothing to do with CERN. It's the evil God of this system.

  22. Rev 9: KJV . The Living God has the "keys", not cern. They do put on a good show. Blow lots of fiat $. The liar is crafty, but doesn't have the key. It's the dark heart of man, that opens the pit

  23. No naval vessels have particle beams on them and the Directed Energy Weapon was tested on a prototype ground turret tied to a bank of diesel generators or the grid.

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