Time Warner Deletes Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura Facebook Page

The Facebook page for Jesse Ventura’s show on TruTV was started years ago by fans and accumulated almost a quarter million “likes” but the page was just …




  1. Free masons are everywhere. The conspiracy ideas behind the free masons are blown out of proportion. Think about it…If a secret society is running the whole world and the whole world knows about them and their intentions then how are they successful with their secret motives?

  2. You're not introduced to the illuminati until you reach the 33rd degree. In all there are actually 360 degrees, but most masons just think there are 33.

  3. Yeah, man. I'm absolutely brainwashed by these guys who QUESTION mainstream media. These guys who provide more evidence for what they claim than CNN, Fox News, etc. ever would.
    You're expecting everyone who like these people & this show to look at em as an "all knowing god" the way you do with typical shit media stations.
    You're a prime example of reverse psychology. Might as well look in the mirror when calling others "sheeple" and "'cool' ignorant sheep'".
    Have a nice (dumb) life, sausage man.

  4. Why do people like you call this 'questioning'? It's not; it's providing an alternative account, that happens to not be backed up by facts. This is why I say people like you need someone to tell them what to think. It isn't this false dichotomy between the MSM and Venturas BS; it's about being able to think critically and understand what is relevant and factual. I'm a critic of the MSM, but they are 100X more reliable generally speaking than purveyors of the kook agenda who are selling ……

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  6. they do deals and get you to sign, then they shelf it knowing that you can never do a show around it due to non disclosures and (c) law,intellectual properties.. Sometimes you have to do things on your own..

  7. Mark can you please tell me the exact episode and season numbers of Conspiracy Theory that were pulled/deleted by the network? Thanks.

  8. they did not like that he did an episode on the Denver airport super complex if you want to be freaked the fu÷# out look up Denver airport murals anywhere I know that these murals are in plain view of the public but why also below the Denver airport there is a huge underground complex and nobody knows what its 4. if you don't believe me look into it yourself

  9. Easy with the names there. You might not realize that you are calling yourself a scumbag conspiracy douche bag also. You believe that more than one person is discussing conspiracy theories to distract people and that is actually a conspiracy theory in itself. Your believe more than 1 person planned and executed 9/11. That's a conspiracy theory. With all due respect, before you call people names, you might want to consider whether you are among them.

  10. I'm not going to get into it, and I don't call people names like debunkers do but you are a conspiracy theorist. 9/11 was a conspiracy by any definition so you do, in fact, believe in conspiracies. That's not a point you can deny.
    I used to think the Bush Administration did it but they weren't smart enough. The commission report revealed that the CIA had gathered intelligence and warned them so they are guilty of not protecting people. Have a good night.

  11. The page is fine. I just looked. Nothing deleted, everything's the same. I have no idea what happened, but the page is the same as far as I can tell.

  12. I watched a show after this show and it wa about the mars mission told my bro he should watch it went to the website and no proof of the show even airing…

  13. "..Sometimes the network need the content…"
    well, as the networks consider the content to be commercials and the "fill" the actual programs we watch ,, soo yeah, it's a pretty sure thing that we'll se more content 😀

  14. The show Conspiracy Theory is pretty much crap. Mark strives to be on crap shows like TMZ, Decoded, and Conspiracy Theory.

    Not a surprise, Mark often uses current celebrities to gain more hits on his video views. Don't believe me? Here's a list off the top of my head:

    Ke$ha, Rihanna, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Justin Beiber, Rick Ross, Lady Gaga, Kanye West

    And on the other end of the spectrum, Mark makes a weekly video about Alex Jones, and has several other videos about others, such as David Icke.

  15. LoL. Mark Dice. Lol. Mark Dice. LolLOl. Cmon bruh Get fking real. You are so full of shit, unbelievable. How much a year for all those lies and this cynical BS. Yeah I know its only internet eh? Not so much ? You would certainly prefer a show on air like your buddy Jesse eh?? You guys are the worst. THE WORST.

  16. Mark Dice…its great you bought a clinical psychology book but try looking for the DSM4..it has all the disorders known and you posess many. Your ill make no sense and go into a character and back to yourself so often its scary. You do nothing about reporting the facts about the school shooting and the obvious distortions of the truth..the Coroner another screwball, ,states that all the victims.were shot with a bushmaster AR15..which is a lie cause the AR 15 never left the trunk of the car..

  17. man americans are dumb wake up and smell the coffee you bunch of inbred christian loving idiots, I feel sorry for the native americans that have to put up with your crap go home immigrants GTFO and kill yourselves

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