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  1. But if time travel was real and people went back in the past and used their cellphones they wouldn’t work if cell service didn’t exist yet ?

  2. i propose a theory
    instead of the theory of 'some celebrities are time travelers' they are clones and their creators used the stored DNA of people who have already passed.

  3. Maybe. Time Travel is in The Bible. In the Book of Kings I, (The Story of Saul), a page boy they send to a field to get some grapes off a vine and get some wine for them. He falls asleep, wakes up twenty five years later, and asks " Where is everyone?", and they tell him about King David and reply, " Oh, that was a long time ago." It is never explained, it is just there.

  4. I just wish Time Travel were actually possible, but science has basically figured out that it's physically impossible except for one technique that might just be a way to send information to the future, but it's not useful because you only can decode the information once it has happened.  Not long before Stephen Hawking died, he basically said it's impossible by any known method.  FTL travel isn't really time travel, just time dilation.  Most wormholes, if they are ever proven to exist directly by observation and sight, are thought to be too small to use.  The problem with the cell phone in 1928, or even in the 30s, is that the phone wouldn't have worked.  The problem with the celebrity thing is that people don't notice the subtle differences in facial features for some reason.  You should look up what are called "time crystals".  That will probably blow your mind.

  5. Waaaa the celebs that look like people from the past is soooooo spot on at times !!! Either they photo shopped old pictures to look like them , they have twins, or they are time travelers.

  6. Alternate universe where everyone of us is actually living in the future where they have already created time travel and we just travel back to this time to fuck all the theorists because… shit thats just how we are. We all extra af

  7. The first woman is just playing with her hearing aid, The second girl with the phone, it is actually a wireless phone that she was given by a phone company as an experiment

  8. The car thing happened to my dad but he had already passed the vehicle and then a bit later it appeared right in front of him like ????? but those are more glitches in the system that's what my dad said tho

  9. My friend did a research paper on time travel and came to the point that in order to travel to the future you’d have to go at the speed of light which is possible but very hard but traveling from the future back to regular time or going from regular time to the past you’d have to go faster than the speed of light which is as of now impossible

  10. I believe it exists and the government hides it! I think they are just banned from going to these years because people are questioning it. The government probably doesn’t want people to know it exists yet, so like only government officials can come back in these years for business things!

  11. if people can go back and forth then technically all of the future and all of the past exists at the same time, right? and if it is possible then time travel has already been invented at some point in the future, so it's either a well kept secret and highly regulated in the future or it'll never happen. idk

  12. What about if we don't invent a time machine but nature has a time machine? Meaning, time travel could be part of nature. Like it could happen naturally but the government is hiding it. I am 49.9% that it is real….. It could be but it's too far fetch.

  13. My dad said (don’t know if he was lying tho) that when he was a kid, he went to the kitchen to drink water and saw an older version of himself. I personally don’t believe him

  14. This isn’t technically a personal experience, but one time, my mom was thrown out of a truck by a drunken(+ possible Cochin/crack) boyfriend. It was maybe 15 miles from our home at the time, and all she had was her old flip flops and a few dollars.(he had taken her phone and purse). She felt far too embarrassed to ask someone to call the police, so she walked to the nearest town (she thankfully knew the area), and had a drink of water. Then, she walked SEVEN MILES in the middle of the night, with a broken flip flop in country roads with no light. She was walking towards a town about 7 miles away from our house, and next thing she knew, a police car stopped her to see what was going on. Of course, she told him what happened, leaving out details about the drunken boyfriend. But then, she noticed that she had already passed the town she was literally just walking up on. It was barely in view of where she was. It was if she just teleported past it. Either way, the police told her she was about a quarter mile out of the town, and offered to take her home.

  15. When i was younger I was walking through camp (its a place where my family lives)and when I was walking down the road I seen a man seemingly come out of thin air??he looked at me for a few seconds and then ran off to where the school was and a few minutes later I ran to my kokom (grandma)and told her what happened and she walked to the school.went inside and walked around.When she walked back out she said she didn't see anything and walked back to her house.that was the only time I've ever seen that man.
    Then again alot of "magical"and spiritual stuff happens with natives and camp and it could've been one of us from the future

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