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  1. I come from old school PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY, entertainment has been raising our children and killing our brain cells. Sad unfiltered lies, clarity is a distant past

  2. Instagram windycitysfinest we have the 7th biggest man on earth due to a childhood prayer 🙏🏻 no joke and we are all warriors of Heaven

  3. Get your spirt right DNA proves Divine creation think bout it DNA fingerprinting eye renti not one Humen the same not one born from a whomb out of Humen History think bout that its not accident its a way God the maker of wll mankind keeps a track of all of are souls

  4. I get that and i partly agree but we have to evolve. how can we evolve when you dont want it to change.i personally use internet to teach myself things i can use to invent new types of technologies and os. yeah of course i use internet to enternteint myself but that is what it is make for

  5. not too mention we are all slaves to money thanks to the fucking roman empire illuminati pharosees.. the changers of money the rulers… read the bible its all in there.. but were not supposed to focus on all this negative bullshit we just supposed to live life and be happy and worship the father. fuck yo video and fuck anybody who doesnt know the truth. its right fucking infront of you.

  6. Because majority are sheeple they have to keep up with the jones's something I have never been dragged into! Some people have addictive personalities fact, whatever they do it gets to an extreme level and they cannot control it!

  7. You no i tell people all the time win I was a little boy being raise by my greadaddy a d greamoma my G dad went to buy car all you had to do was shake the man's hand and he got the car no credit check your word was good but now miss the old days T Woods Crenshaw

  8. Having a private life, enjoying quality time with family, true friends, spending alone time to improve ourselves. Focusing on targets which we have to accomplish. Reading books, watching limited T.V, searching educational, motivational videos on youtube, making time for hobby, maintaining good health by eating healthy food, doing exercises, yoga, meditation, praying to God. Having social media accounts only for connecting to people and not posting anything on it will help us grow as a Successful individual.. Because not everyone should know what we are doing in our personal lives.. Having an instagram or facebook or twitter account is okay.. but we should not post anything until it is really informative or useful…
    All the best to everyone to achieve success,good health and happiness in life…

  9. Right! I have discovered a whole number system that changes our thinking about everything!
    Check out 'Infinite 9. This is a blueprint to perfection.

  10. I quit Facebook I quit instagram I basically quit all social media I basically watch YouTube only…. Social media is ruining people’s lives 💩💩💩

  11. The other day I saw a small child with his dad. The father was walking while tapping on TWO phones, his son was tapping on a phone and just tagging along. How fucking sad is that????

  12. Science and technology are contributing factors, together humanity has experience and benefited from many modern breakthroughs. Unfortunately, because we as human beings (generally speaking) have a hard time balancing our affairs. We as a society are easily influenced to the point, that we become blinded and are inclined to become enslaved by our own posesions despite there function or contribution. Who owns who? Who governs over who?

  13. Only JESUS can fill that emptiness!!!I have tried everything only GOD has filled me up,more than drugs,sex, material things,only JESUS!!!

  14. I love Denzel Washington for being able to recognize what most people don’t pay any attention to. I believe he will wake up the every day person who goes along with anything the media throws at us. And then, perhaps the every day person will be able to separate the wheat from the chaff.

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