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  1. Its wild because when I was younger I always remember my mom watching sex in the city and everytime I would watch the opening title it would change to and the city. Always screwed up my head.

  2. Fun fact: Even Disney uses the "mirror mirror". Watch "Descendants: Wicked World Episode 3: Audrey's New Do? New Don't!" It's right in the first few minutes of the video. And in the Descendants movie itself Evil Queen's daughter Evie says multiple times "mirror mirror".

  3. One of the strangest to me, personally, was the fact that in Star Trek: TNG, Picard apparently kept a crystal around which he toyed with on-screen while discussing/debating decisions. Never really noticed it before.

  4. Humans put so much faith in a volatile, unreliable hunk of meat in their heads and yet act surprised when they remember things incorrectly.

    If you want to know how the Mandela Effect works, you should watch Armoured Skeptic's video.

  5. I don't understand why everyone is freaking out about small differences (mostly things that could be mispronouced) in things you heard of when you were a small child and probably couldn't read

  6. I specifically remember BerenstEIn because I couldn't get over the fact that the EI didn't sound like EInstEIn. THAT is my proof. My mom's an English professor and as a little girl I brought it to her attention and that's why she remembers the spelling. I can understand if they wanted to change it to match the authors' name, but they say it's always been that way. Why lie? So odd.

  7. I only know two of those questions mirror mirror on the wall and Berestien bears I haven't really seen the show much but how in the world would it be spelled berestain bears??? That doesn't even make sense and I think i spelled it wrong but you know what I mean lol

  8. So I only learned of the Mandela Effect somewhat recently (Jan 2018). As I write this it is July of 2018. My whole world was shattered when I first heard of this thing. I am defiantly one of those people who are “effected”. But the deeper I got, exploring personal stories of missing time, glitches, and random events, people, and objects that had changed… I started to get some clarity on some odd things that had happened in my own life. I have since been on an intense spiritual journey that has brought me a lot of peace and serenity. I now believe that the effect is likely a natural cosmic process that is beyond our understanding, and that my privilege is to just ride this transition as long as it lasts.

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