This is Not a Conspiracy Theory Episode One: Premise

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  1. A lot of people in the comments section don't seem to understand that it's not "all or nothing". Some conspiracies do exist. Some shady shit does go on. That DOES NOT mean it's reasonable to buy into every story you hear. How can that POSSIBLY be difficult to understand?

    It's simple: evidence, or GTFO.

  2. +Kirby Ferguson  What's with the recording your reflection in a mirror? Showing you're a copy of yourself or something along those lines?

  3. The trouble with 'Conspiracy theory' is that it is a conversation killer. "I believe government a did bad thing b." "Oh, that's just a conspiracy theory."

    If I told you the US government gave its aborigines blankets infested with smallpox to commit genocide, gave black men STDs without their knowledge to use them as guinea pigs to test STD treatments or that the US government stopped looking for WTC survivors (against Fire and Police Department advice) when it found the Federal Reserves, you'd think I was a raving conspiracy theorist. All the above happened and can be fact checked. At the time, not so much.

    Remember, to the Anti-Conspiracists, only past governments do bad things. Present governments never do.

  4. I appreciate that this is the first introductory episode but this looks very weak, sliding down into David Aaranovitch-style psychobabble nonsense about "conspiracies" being somehow reassuring, imposing order on a chaotic world etc rather than being based, say, on empirical evidence.

    Interesting to note than acknowledged conspiracies (Watergate, global communications monitoring) are to be addressed as "scandals" rather than "conspiracies", presumably because this would otherwise undermine the author's second-hand thesis.

  5. After loving your "Everything is a Remix" series, I just rediscovered your channel today, I immediately purchased access to "This Is not a Conspiracy Theory." Love your work Kirby!

  6. I think you missed the point. The assination is still a conspiracy. Despite the system is going to work on their own (and going havoc). Still I'm curious what you have to say about the system. Made me a bit think about it.

  7. yup the rich and powerful, those designing our world are in no way operating together to make themselves richer and keep the rest of us poor, its just happening by accident. lol! This is just a re-hash on Chomsky's institutional analysis, which while useful denies the agency of the humans beings building and running the institutions.

  8. "Sixty three percent of registered voters believe at least one political conspiracy theory…" Let's translate that to what it really says. 37% of voters don't believe ANY conspiracy theory in politics! That's almost half which is just mind boggling figure when you factor in that there have been numerous political conspiracies unveiled in just recent years. People are simply too gullible. Have fun with your government. I'm sure from now on they will do no evil. Ever again.

  9. Interesting clip but not much there when it comes to the real conspiracies of the time. No mention of the Dulles brothers and the CIA involvement, mkultra, Kennedy wanting to end the federal reserve banks charter and his printing of debt free currency, no Illuminati or zionist mentions. Is this series about the psychological aspect of conspiracies in our minds? If you place out all the facts for us to hear and see and back that up with historical facts and then show what is going on now people stand a chance of getting an understanding of the issues that most people dont even know are going on around them. I never wanted to be a conspiracy theorist but 4 months ago I looked up a few things and now Im a history buff and can see plain as day the influence of power and money as it kills, mames and destroys everything in its path. They ( the Oligarchs, Illuminati, the shadow government, the Cabal, the Zionists) hide behind corporations and they manipulate every aspect of our lives……our money, our society, our food, our electricity, our water, our medicine, our weather, our media, our laws, our government and almost every government on this planet, our army, our resources, and their oil. These people don't care about any of us and if you haven't noticed they have taken our government representatives, our Supreme court, and our President as well as owning most of the Presidents after Lincoln. Its basically a quiet worldwide monopoly where the oligarchs through the management of certain families have controlling shares in all the worlds central banks and about 85% of all the corporations….which own everything. If you don't believe me please look this up and prove me wrong. The problem is we think the government and the media will tell us everything we need to know and that they will keep us safe. Please inform yourselves, give yourself an hour to look into our country, watch the movies "ziet giest" or "A requiem for the American dream". read about the Federal reserve bank of the United States with an emphasis on Jeckle island……..that's a great start with a quick AHHAA moment. Read about the big Pharmaceutical companies that basically all got their start with I.G.Farbin in the concentration camps in WW!!. They are still killing people today in huge numbers but you wont hear it in the media. You should see the abuse that goes on and you should see all the massive lawsuits against these Pharmaceutical companies. Read about Niccoli Tesla, the guy we should have read about in our history books……….the names of the evil Oligarchs will come up there too. Oh, Tesla came up with free energy (as well as 50 scientists since have)which is available today but there's no money in it to make so the powers that be wont allow it. Read about the pineal gland, flouride and its effects to our bodies, hell read about common core and that whole farce. Our history is not exactly as its been told to us and you will find that out eventually so why not start to find the truth now. Aren't you tired of Ebola, Zika, and Avian flu hysteria? Its all a hoax, its all part of the whole. Don't get a flu shot whatever you do and no immunizations. Why not? Please look it up and make an informed decision on your own then share what you've learned with your friends. I know, Im that guy now and sorry to rain on anyone's parade but if you google just one thing I've mentioned it can help,shed some light on whats happening today and whats going to happen in our future. Hint……….turn everything around 180* from what our government or media says and only then will you find a nugget of the truth. Did you know they are rioting in England and in Germany as I type? Rioting about everything I'm telling you here. The night club massacre in Florida(sorry for anyones loss), the transgender bathroom bill…..all by design with goals in mind for each. Watch some 911 videos again and tell me you don't see things a bit differently and perhaps clearer this time around. Please prove me wrong if you can and let me know what you find out because I don't want to spread the wrong message to anyone, I just want the truth. I'd love to be wrong and go back to the simple naive guy I was before I looked some things up. If I'm informed I feel armed to deal with anything these guys will throw at us and I wont believe their lies as they do.

  10. its not really 100% independent if your charging money to get your "truth" out there. no offense, but why would someone pay for something that hasnt been made and will have no scheduled release dates? that just doesnt make sense. i know this is a couple years old and i see another video in the promo list, but wtf charging for something that isnt even completed. hope he isnt a con man.

  11. Conspiracy theories are not new. Your premise is wrong. This looks Zeitgeist level of stupid. Fuck that crackpot bullshit.

  12. Yeah, exactly, it's the institutions and those who do best at them because they follow the most appropriate psychological model to navigate their way around them

    This psychological model is the one that Sigmund Freud instituted more than one hundred years ago to theorise about what activates the mental energies required to distill human motivation that translate into action. Addiction to greed, competition, aggression, escaping reality, outwitting and deceiving others, and plenty of sex addiction were his basic picks for the 20th century. He understood the psicology of auction very well because he had the brain of an addict himself and explained those drives painstakingly

    Politics and Economic models benefit from using those psychological strategies. It's not conspiracy it's just open pragmatism. How else can you get 7 billion people on the run to increase the global GDP through debt? Only with the promise of a future fix that will make you feel great

    The major problem work all of this is that human nature is not just about becoming addicted to fixes to have control about life uncertainties, never having to succumb to emotional pain, and always having some power to feel on top of the world at one act of will… Even if it only last a very short while

    Human beings are also vulnerable creatures needing relationships, community and safety in our social structures. We need to work on our emotional stability and through our intimate, personal and social interactions. And these need to feature in the purpose and meaning of our lives

    At the moment we are still working with international institutions that were created based on the Freudian model of human existence and relational drives. Me me me

    It will take time to transform these global institutions into channels for human development and growth

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