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  1. Sorry to burst your bubble, but the pineal gland cannot detect light by itself. It gets its information about the presence or absence of light through nerves that originate in the retina in your actual normal human eye…

    Also the pineal gland calcifies all by itself as you get older. Not every
    country has fluoride added into their water and people there have calcified glands, too.

    I'm a Med student btw. so I didn't just hear this information somewhere or read it in a forum.

  2. the fact that you believe the evolution theory says a lot, though your beliefs on the pineal gland/DMT is true. Many people have actually reported seeing how they were born and their entire life's experience appear before them, hence the revolution, so to say, of their perception on life itself so basically seeing pass the illusions of the world and becoming "awakened". This might be because they become in touch with their creative/nature after the DMT experience

  3. Where I live is the only place in my country that water doesn't have fluoride , and it is the place in my country with more cases of cavities so it does have a correlation ?? i do believe what you said though ?

  4. The deal about not trying to open the pineal gland is the same thing as doing witchcraft to open spiritual portals. The problem is that as humans we aren't qualified. The only safe way is to let God do the opening. Witches are notorious for becoming infested with demons by doing astral projection and leaving their bodies empty to infiltration. When God opens things and takes you places you are sealed and safe. Fasting, prayer and worship opens the pineal gland. It's possible to walk in spirit perpetually. But you can't open it by means that are not of God. It will open naturally, you will be introduced into spiritual relms and he will speak if you are really dead serious about seeking him everyday, every hour, every minute.

  5. 1. There is no proof that DMT is produced in the pineal gland. It was speculation by that nit wit Rick Strassman. Today Strassman believes DMT is produced in the lungs. Still… people continue to repeat this erroneous information across YouTube.
    2. There is no evidence that the pineal gland is anything more than a defunct gland. People lead perfectly normal lives after having their pineal gland surgically removed. Think about that…
    3. DMT is not released when we dream. That's nonsense. The DMT experience is NOTHING like dreaming. And if it were true that DMT was released during dreaming- if you were awoken suddenly you'd wake up tripping socks on DMT. But that doesn't happen. Because it's more Strassman speculation.

  6. I totally believe , There was a tv should & people were paying to take that drug under medical supervision so they could see & talk to loved ones who pass away…. Have to say I'm noticing the pyramid ???

  7. "and in large amounts" half a tenth of a gram of DMT can cause a breakthrough trip and for someone to completely change on how they perceive world don't give bad info

  8. I'm sure now that you talk about it, that I've been aware of my third eye for a while, but I just have always thought of it as "if I concentrate well, I can find that thingy in my brain that makes everything a little bit clearer and better", I've started being aware of it since I started meditating, as a way to cope with depression and dyslexia.

  9. Now that you explained it, I'm 100% sure that unknown to me before I've been aware of the third eye for a while now, it's just that to me I've always explained it as "the place in my brain that when I concentrate it makes me feel better". I think I can feel it the clearest when I'm super happy and satisfied.

  10. On the Crocodile thing, evolution doesn't work like that. There are many organs and functions that continue on in a body without any real use. In our bodies there are things like tonsils, wisdom teeth, and the wrinkling of our palms whenever we get wet, which is believed by some to be a leftover from our arboreal ancestors. The only way something like that is going away in the general population of a species is if there is some sort of mutation/modification which removes and becomes more successful than it i.e more individuals with the new genes live to fuck than those with the old genes, or if there are selective pressures against having it i.e individuals who have the genes required die before they're able to reproduce. There are probably other ways too, but the whole "use it or lose it" shit doesn't really apply in evolution. There is no apparent guide or destination in evolution. I mean there may be but there's no evidence of such and clearly whatever's guiding it loves to experiment, even when it brings great suffering, so it wouldn't comfort me even if it did have a guide, although I'd still respect it's work of course.

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