THEY SOLVED IT! – Reacting to 5 World Famous Mysteries & Conspiracies That Have Since Been Solved…

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  1. my reasons for the 2nd mystery:that said it themeselves about the weather shit, so simply,put water on top of sand,in this case a desert,then the sand gets wet,put a rock on there,drag the rock across,it makes a trail,sand dries up,your left with that trail,done …….oh but the rock moved wthout human force……damnit im wrong

  2. "Really, are aliens going to come down and move rocks around? Is that what they are going to do with their time?" -Charmx 2017

    As funny as it is, it's a rather insightful and smart quote.

  3. What doesn’t the moon affect ocean waves idk if it’s a fact but if it is what if they damaged a lot won’t it affect the ocean idk 😐?

  4. I actually live in the C O U N T Y like region of where the solway spaceman picture was taken and the solway is a big strip of land of the beach front

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