TheBlaze News :: OBAMA Releasing Jihadist BLIND SHEIK :: MASSIVE CONSPIRACY Tearing Up State Dept!!

“Yesterday, we broke some news about “the blind sheik”. According to State Department sources, this Administration is negotiating with Egypt now on the release or transfer of the blind sheik….




  1. Yeh that's right, he is a nut for telling the news that the mainstream media won't because President OBOMBA will be shown as the farce he is!

  2. Well, Obama won reelection so i guess that proves he is a "farce"??? Seriously, Glenn Beck is not mentally stable…Now run along & join Glenn Becks proposed community/CULT.

  3. GOD is the only leader I follow! Obama only won because selfish, low information voters, like yourself, and illegals voted. All those selfish fools who want their " presents from Santa Obomba" excessive welfare,free cellphones,free housing and healthcare, food stamps, and 99 weeks of unemployment regardless of the poor shape of our economy- >$20 Trillion in debt in 4 more years. You sold your freedoms for a few trinkets now & when the dollar is worthless,there will be no gifts for anyone!!!

  4. Beck has been pulling it out of his assprin box for decades. So, just to update, Barack, that Kenyan Muslim, won a second term as Commander of the armed forces. He didn't release the sheik, but he has emptied Guantanamo as much as he can without any help from a Republican congress. Obamacare is here to stay, gays can get married, we reopened our Cuban embassy, and, in a few weeks there will be a non-nuclear Iran agreement.

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