The Untold Truth Of Get Out

If you’re new, Subscribe! → http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-Looper Jordan Peele’s record-breaking horror hit Get Out is a socially conscious thriller that deals with the worst modern boogeyman…




  1. It was definitely creepy how she was eating her cereal. It's like, who tf eats cereal that way. Reminds me of people who bite all 4 pieces of kit kat simultaneously, instead of breaking off one stick at a time. Shudder 😟

  2. One of my favorite movies of all time. But America is not a racist country. The problem with poverty in the black community is the welfare system making blacks dependent and incentivizing single mother hood with hand outs. Then then number one indicator to inter-generational poverty is single motherhood so having no father in the house. I love America and our government and our constitution but the welfare system has got to stop if we want to see blacks thriving within by their community racial identity politics has to also because gay ha sheen buying the black vote and destroying their community for 50+ years. Democrats were the ones that fought for slavery and fought for Jim Crowe laws now they’re the ones still destroying the black community…

  3. I find what’s interesting about this movie is it literally has nothing to do with race or racism.

    The reason the character is black, even within the film, is revealed to be coincidence. The entire plot had nothing to do with racism other than… without spoiling it…. black people are preferred for the people in this movie.

  4. Glass in the cup, fruit loops in a separate bowl, separated " the colored" from the white. A lot of people thought this on social media

  5. Yeah, I'd love to see more social thrillers!!
    Didn't expect Samuel L. Jackson to be such an ignorant asshole on that topic, but Daniel Kaluuya had the truest and most hilarious response

  6. This movie's success is simply a matter of timing. Even though the creator of the film claims he came up with the idea years ago, he probably would not have found the success with it that he has if he had made it back then. With groups such as BLM, the popularity of the fight against "white privilege" and an increasing amount of propaganda towards whites telling them that they are everything that is wrong with the world and they should all feel ashamed of themselves, it is no wonder that a film such as Get Out would receive so many accolades. It's just a matter of "preaching to the choir".

  7. I kind of saw it as an elitist/Illuminati culture thing more so than a race issue. I liked the Chris character a lot. He wasn't playing the victim and much of the "racist" shit wasn't over the top. I like how his character handled everything. Especially when he gives Rose the I told you so look at the parents house.

    It's a lot more how I imagine "racism" plays out most of the time. In this instance you have some white people who don't have many experiences with hanging out with black people and they think if they reference Tiger Woods, Obama, or say a cool slang word, they're demonstrating to Chris that they're not racist. That type of racism if you want to call it that doesn't come from a sinister place per say, but it's probably super common. In this instance you have elite people who are willing to feed on the non elite. Why they pick black people to me isn't really made clear in a convictious way. Because it's the cool in thing, physical capabilities? So perhaps they do target black people for more sinister reasons then what we're led to believe? I also understand that it's a play on pop culture where these things are used and seen as examples of race acceptance.

  8. Fortunately, some people still keep making real good movies in Hollywood while the others are high on making unnourishing "superhero-cocaine" movies because they just want to make money.

  9. I am beyond livid at this whole wave of black victimhood… This movie is white guilt, pure and simple. The definition of racism IS NOT "Noun: Anything white people do or Adjective: The condition of being white or the whitest person in the room"… Racism is discrimination against someone else because of their race. I live in Montgomery Alabama, and I see HUNDREDS of racist black people every day. This whole culture of "White people are the only ones who are racist" is FUELING this. Black people here HATE white people… Because theyre white! They hate the President… because hes white! Have you heard black talk radio? The most racist stuff Ive ever heard! There IS a racism problem in America, and from where I stand, black people are the biggest perpetrators… I literally dont know a racist white person, and I know hundreds of people ( mostly rednecks!). Not ONE! Im not some white supremacist, I could give a shit what color people are, but Im so tired of feeling like I have to defend my skin color because Im looked at as a racist just because of that! My last name is Lee and I have a southern accent, which honestly makes it worse. So SICK of every media production being about race first and merit last…

  10. The plot of this film really shook my wife to the core. She refuses to ever watch it again. She loved the film but found it so damn disturbing lol

  11. i LOVED THE ENDING!!!!!! WHEN THE TSA GUY CAME!! it’s even better bc everyone thought oh he’s gonna get arrested…… but he’s ok!!!!!!

  12. I definitely resent what Samuel L. Jackson said as well. I think African Americans sometimes believe that they are the only black people in the World that suffer the effects of racism. Not very fair and very narrow minded.

  13. Ppl, stop being blind and dumb. Get Out is about the illuminati and it's control of ppl who sold their soul. Now they're soul in the sunken place (hell). And they're cloned. A few refuse to sell their soul and escape the illuminati which will be Daniel Kaaluya.

  14. I love this movie, but I think that Jordan's plan to make another 'social horror' might be a bit stupid – he was planning Get Out for years, which is obvious from the movie itself – as it is detailed and smart, the plot is really thought out. So if he plans another movie, and because of Get Out's success I think he will want to make another fast/soon it might lead to the next movie being not so good or disaster if not again planned out to a detail and with smart plot.

  15. U didn’t mention that the separation of the coloured fruit loops and the white milk was supposed to represent the social divide and separation of races. You can see this in the majority of the garden scenes as the other black people are not there

  16. I liked Get Out but the only difference between Get Out and the movie Disturbing Behavior is Get Out infuses race. I dont understand whats so ground breaking about this film.

  17. Enjoyable thrills and accidentally hilarious lines but certainly not a masterpiece, 7.5/10 at best. Wouldn't even be noticed by the academy if it wasn't about perceived racism at fantastically delusional levels.

  18. They wanted to become black people… I don't totally understand how that is racist.

    I think the film would have been better is race wasn't involved.. they kidnap and brainswap people.. black, white, asian.. anyone in shape and the has a body worth taking.

    I don't know why it had to be a "social commentary" on race in America.

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