The Truth Behind Every Internet Conspiracy Theory

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  1. I will point out that to some extent, there are monsters that ARE weak to realization. Private industry and the government are both highly vulnerable to general strikes. If there is a large and corrupt capitalist and state bureaucracy, it has to act within limits that prevent high degrees of class consciousness and more importantly high degrees of militancy. That is, the willingness to revolt or strike in response to such conditions. Ultimately, Labor > Capital even when Capital has 100% ownership of the means of production.

  2. No seriously 9/11 was an inside job, like if a ton of god damn engineers from all of the world tell your theres no way the building can fall down that way unless it was a controlled.

  3. Discrediting 911 truthers doesn't mean it was not very possibly still a inside job. Most of the world believes it was a false flag. Building 7 alone is worth discussing that foul play was at hand. Sorry cracked but unsubscribe.

  4. It's nothing to do with the Illuminati you idiots at cracked. It's the ability to minimize being lied to by questioning a story to its roots. I'm sick of every one wanting to be a hero to the point that they lie for glory. To this day, blacks are still considered apes to some people regardless of books shunting all claims. Power of knowledge sways the people. Peace is always swindled out of our finger tips by fear. Fuck the Illuminati, conspiracy's, Freemasons. None of those bastards matter if in general people are incapable of being lied to. And people will say anything to be remembered. So death to LIARS. This segment is trash

  5. I wonder if these people know that, in the history of mankind, there's literary only ONE conspiracy that was later proved right? Numerous files and dozens of ex CIA agents have came forward confirming that the CIA actually did flood American ghettos with cocaine and heroin in the 1860's in an attempt to combat the Black Panthers. That's it. ONE. Just one. Which means: if you've ever, EVER believe a single conspiracy you've EVER heard, there's at least a 5,000,000/1 chance in favor of you being exceptionally stupid. The top of the shit pile.

  6. I wonder who is paying this guy. The Illuminati are real and there's evidence. So, if you go into denial about the evil of men you may be more comfortable but you may end up dead. I guess you can say "oops, I was wrong." That is what the german people did when they ignored the smell of burning flesh. They denied their government could be guilty of such an evil crime. Don't automatically dismiss theories about evil.

  7. i dont believe that the Illuminati is functioning today, but i do believe sociopaths are real

  8. Total conspiracy theory when real leaders in real history systematically kill millions of their own citizens. This video was lame, whiny and uneducated.

  9. People don't NEED to believe conspiracy theories. They WANT to believe them. They freely choose to believe this bullshit, especially when they see an opportunity to make money off it. Michael Flynn and his spawn have made a fortune off "Pizzagate."

  10. Building 7 assholes… You just had to be in area. Clearly more then meets the eye. Starting to wonder if you guys are co intel pro. The reptilian theory is one thing but don't compare lizard men to an actual event where thousands died. With obvious holes in the story. Assholes

  11. Ok plenty of holes in many conspiracies… the funny part about 911 theory isn't about how jet fuel can't melt steel beams which is fun on its own, but instead the way the beams had cuts on them unlike beams that were melted or how a number of firemen who reported explosions within the building that suddenly changed their story or disappeared,… there are quite a few other theories that are not as easy to poke holes in.

    Even more amusing of all this is how a lot of times about 50 years down the road when no one can be held accountable the truth is released in a transparency report confirming conspiracies of the past. Then again… hey just easier to call everything bullshit because no one likes the truth when it causes them to look stupid and breaks their bubble of bullshit they live in.

  12. This guy is definitely a reptilian. Lol. Is he a she with breasts and prego or just Angelina Jolie in natural form?🤷🏽‍♀️Totally weird looking

  13. Why you have to speak so fast? Are you time limited? Damn, its so annoying to hear, loses all impact. Looks like a teenage rant. Several Cracked dudes need URGENT speaking lessons. Maybe you should try Roger Horton (I know its not his real name), his speaking is outstanding.

  14. Nah guys don't worry psychopaths that run this world don't sit around thinking about ways to fuck over the world for more money. Definitely not. Go back to your programming Lmfao

  15. Why would I want the world to be control by a bunch of evil child trafficking Zionists who may very well be aliens controlling and killing us using us for energy? Who the fuck would want that shit to be real? Youse are ridiculous unsubscribing and hope youse never make another video

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