The Truth About the Titanic Has Been Revealed

Recent findings reveal the truth that has been buried for over one hundred years. Scientists have debunked the theory that the cause of the Titanic sinking was an iceberg. Senan-Molony-Titanic-Ho…




  1. Why died the richest People on Titanic? Why did J.P. Morgan and his friends cancel the ship? Why did Smith and Lightoller survive although they forbid Astor and Guggenheim to go on board of a save boat? Were Astor and Guggenheim enemys of the FED?

  2. Any sailor can tell you that binoculars are not used on ships for detection of obstacles, they are used for further inspection upon detection of an object, binoculars probably were accessible and even if not they wouldn't have helped, once the ice berg was spotted it would be too late. Not to mention the reason it was so hard to see is two phenomena called thermal inversion and a superior mirage that bends light and warps perception of the horizon. Dont ruin the name of one officer and say this is his fault when in reality it changes nothing, i also refuse to believe that only one key exists for any compartment on a ship, especially a ship of this size.

  3. It wasn't Titanic that sank! It was Olympic!!! They switched the ships to get rid of unrepairable Olympic and receive money from the Insurance company! Who was behind it? J.P. Morgan and White Star Line…

  4. still… the reason it sank WAS the iceberg… would it not collide with it, it would have reached New York, it's not like it was secretly coursed to hit it

  5. Have you ever tried looking into darkness with binoculars? You can see anything but black. Wouldn’t have made a difference at night.

  6. There's been so many stories of its sinking hard to tell what happen, I've heard the captain fell sick and lots of passengers felt sick to the reason was some artifacts from king tuts tome was aboard and the vessel sank due to king tuts curse.

  7. No one knows for sure what happened except the people who where there. And not everyone who was there knew what happened so how can we say there is misinformation when we don't know what really happened?

  8. Some of these are possible…but the fire, and bonoculars not used for 2 days? Some of this is hard to believe.

  9. That's OK. Wait long enough and everything you thought you learned, even from those who were there – will be totally turned upside down: "The Holocaust never happened," and , "Moses was a myth", didn't you know?

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