The Truth About Diamonds

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  1. Thanks for exposing the evil, manipulative practices of these monopolistic subhumans! That just shows what capitalism leads to. The more capitalism there is -> one giant corporation buys/removes others from the market -> it now controls all of the economy.

  2. I guess I'm weird that I think that asking someone to spend two months salary or go that much in debt for a rock is not good use of ones money. It's not that someone you love isn't worth that much, it's that a rock or money cannot express that love isn't money (or a rock). And if a person asks you to ruin your finances or credit over a rock, then what does that say about the person who thinks that's what love is? Sure rings that is a sign that you're bonded to one another makes sense and is logical. But a going into huge debt for rock, is nonsense.

  3. I've been with my girlfriend for over 10 years and have yet to pop the question…. Because even that term is part of the ploy that is the diamonds scandal, all this marriage BS is just so diamonds can keep their high prices to make the rich richer and make the poor even poorer if they so choose to get married… Marriage is a institution that is in decay, only for the untrusting and insecure, if you really love each other and want to spend the rest of your lives together then you wouldn't feel the need for a binding agreement contract…..

  4. They just found out we have ALOT of diamonds… getting rid of the notion that they are rare minerals… problem is we can not get them… so they are still rare… make sense?? BwahahahA

  5. … so … he purchased "land claims", from people that, after stealing the land, obviously claimed to own it … wow …. everything inhumane and wrong that can be done has been done to africans by europeans

  6. I ain't married, or engaged, but I do hope as someone who has had a career in advertising, that the partner to whom I propose would prefer I not use a diamond because diamonds are bullshit 😛

  7. Just to clarify: At 2:40 in the phrase "In 1866 a young boer, a South African term referring to a farmer of Dutch or German descent…" that word "boer" is an Afrikaans word that is pronounced 'b-oo-r' with a hard 'r' sound, not 'bow-uh' as in the video.

    I'm a South African. I actually grew up in Kimberley close to the Big Hole.

  8. 11:50 "Even for those who know all this about diamonds…" – And info presented here should be shared to raise awareness: only knowledge truly creates permanent changes.

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