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Over 1500 people died in icy waters when the cruise liner Titanic hit an iceberg. Conspiracy theorists suspect those deaths could have been avoided – but does …




  1. There is more info that there was a boiler fire a few days before the voyage that weakened the metal between the chambers to keep water at bay

  2. I completely believe they were switched. The Olympic in world war 1 rammed a German u boat and was credited with sinking it. The hms Hawke was designed to ram ships and sink them. There's no way it could've survived two such accidents. Plus y'all didn't even touch on how the Windows were different or how jp Morgan removed a bunch of personal effects just prior to the maiden voyage.

  3. Fire in the coal store. Apparently the fire started before launch and continued during. It was eventually brought under control, but the heat had weakened the hull. From there on it was just bad luck. I do believe JP morgan new of the fire and the weakened state of the ship and that is why he never got on board.

  4. The Olympic also had one extra port hole than the Titanic. However by launch on ‘Titanics’ maiden voyage an extra port hole appeared on it. Also it had to be re crewed as dozens of crew withdrew from sailing on it. Even though times were hard.

  5. The Titanic’s propeller was actually fitted to the Olympic when its propeller was damaged so that’s more evidence to support that the Olympic sank and not the Titanic.

  6. I think they did switch the boats and that the people weren’t suppose to die. But a lot of accidents happened. Bad communication between the titanic and the rescue boat. Illusion/blindness as many eye witnesses said their was no moon, stars, and the water was still, a accidental fire that was left unnoticed for the longest time while the ship was on sale. Phone/message operators shutting down, full speed ahead to make time.

  7. I Think the plan was switch the ships On accident would happen that would cripple the titanic not sink it. The boat that was floating nearby was supposed to save all passengers and all life boats were supposed to be full. Ship goes down, white line gets their money, everyone survives. However a bunch of accidents and poor human decisions by captains,Passengers, and crewmembers didn’t help much

  8. But if it was a deliberate sinking to claim insurance, why do it on a new ship that hasn't made much if any money from fares? The cost to build Olympic and the insurance claim probably would've equated to a net gain of £0.

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