The Thorium Conspiracy

According to numerous sources, there’s an alternative to uranium. Though thorium isn’t perfect, it’s more plentiful and arguably safer than uranium. So why aren’t …




  1. Thorium is abundant in India and India has been vigorously working on Thorium to power not only industries, cities but is also working on producing Automobiles to run and operate on Thorium , USA is going to be a big losers if they remain on the sidelines

  2. Wouldn't it be funny if what they were covering up is a possibility that the moon is all thorium, and is the real answer to space travel, seeing as a reactor could be used as a source for power on the moon so as to do real experiment for space exploration, and to be able to create habitation on the moon as the first step for man kind.

  3. Yeah they can't make weapons out of it so hell. There are plenty of energy sources that man kind can use for unlimited energy but they can't make it to a weapon. They can't stop making weapons and killing each other it's a waste on humanity you all have tech that can take you across the universe at your fingertips but all they care about is making them to weapons and killing each other with it instead.

  4. I"m no expert, but it seems like the "funding got cut because they couldnt make bombs idea" is wrong, among many other unfortunate lies around throrium (https://whatisnuclear.com/articles/thorium_myths.html). And I'm very much for research into thorium and other nuclear technologies as clean CO2 free energy sources. So why the misinfo? And the ridiculous conspiracy theorist delivery?

    This is doing nothing but undermining new technology. The uninformed but interested will see this video and think: "Why do they have to spread misinfo to make it seem sweet and harmless? Surely if it were feasible, this wouldn't be necessary."

  5. The free economy dictates the direction of things, not logic or science. People will always pay the dirty bill. If logic will prevail in this world, then their is hope.

  6. We don’t have Thorium reactors because they don’t create a byproduct we can use to make bombs that can make cities into big holes.

    Gg humanity gg

  7. If only people understood that thorium is used for breeding uranium in a reactor.
    Thats right, instead of fissioning uranium, the reactor is loaded with thorium, which is the converted to uranium, and it fissions in much the same way. It's adding an extra step, but in turn meaning cheaper running costs. The use of thorium is no safer than using enriched or unenriched uranium. The reason it's not been developed is because non-breeding uranium based reactor technology is matured, and research and development into thorium – uranium breeders requires a heavy investment.

  8. fast forward to 2149, I'm using my thorium powered toaster in the morning, then flying to mars with my light speed thorium car for work. lol can't wait, ohh i'm freezing my ass for 150 years till then.

  9. I supported Nixon and was old enough to vote for him in the second election, but in hind sight he was a disaster. He ended the gold standard, woke up the sleeping giant China to our detriment and chose Uranium instead of Thorium for energy production.

  10. about 3 NUCLEAR MELTDOWNS, STILL BURNING …Japan, So Why Its. A Nuclear END. One Way, Or The Other. 1957 The Price Anderson Act. Legalized Nuclear Murder.. In 1970 The Book " Population Control Though Nuclear Pollution " By Dr.Tamplin & Dr Gofman Found That Cancer & 1800 Other Health Problems From Nuclear, Lie's Killing The Earth & The Next Earth Quake. Do You Think They Fixed The Reactors? JAPAN 3 Nuclear Reactor Melt Downs, & All Contents Of Spent Fuel Pools, In The Pacific Ocean In Our Environment. Man-Made Nuclear Isotopes Are Now In The Hydrological Cycle. & In The Food Chain & Next Nuclear Disaster. Is A Mathematical Certainty ..Due To The Algorithm Of Greed..The Nuclear Lies Have Cost Us Everything…Bad Money = Nuclear WAR

  11. Checkout Lithium Thoride batteries. Can run a car for 1000 miles and only 4 min charge time. Hmmmm wonder why they haven't put that out yet.

  12. You tell nothing new. This a known story, you can hardly make bombs from thorium and thus wasn't used back in the old day where uranium and plutonium was all the rage.
    Also, the hippies are against anything complicated and new sciency stuff so thorium is hard to get popular.
    3:33 and thorium IS FISSILE! If it wasn't you would get no reaction out of it. But of course that is only the special type of nuclear reactor. Watch gordonmcdowell "Thorium 2017" video, it will explain to you why it's so great.
    EDIT: and he has many other video's that tells about this.

  13. It would've made more sense to send all uranium to the nuclear missile construction facilities and send all of the nuclear power plants thorium. I mean this way, there would've been more missiles. Then again, fallout is extremely bad, so maybe use the uranium and plutonium (yes, plutonium can be used to generate electricity) to power technology for constructing satellites armed with kinetic bombardment systems.

  14. Thorium is about 3x more abundant than uranium…. yes. But thorium is probably 2-3 HUNDRED times more anundant than the isotopes of uranium we actually USE as nuclear fuel.

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