The Stupidest Conspiracy Theories Ever

These are the stupidest conspiracy theories ever. John and Brett tell you what the dumbest conspiracy theories on the internet are. Let us know if you know of …




  1. Don't forget the moon is a hologram. Why in earths name would that have to be. The say it is to hide a secret space station behind the hologram. If you have that kind of technology it would be easier to put a real rock there instead of a hologram.

  2. chemtrails – except you forgot about barium. (everyone Google that shit). 4 immediate family members in the air force I've thoroughly debated about this. They all agree they wouldn't exactly sprinkle it on their fucking food not for 1$ mil.

  3. The only thing that is no secret is the gov'ts spraying chemicals (sodium chloride, calcium chloride, dry ice and urea) over clouds from airplanes to make it rain (video link below), such as in long dry seasons, at leased they do that here in Thailand. The gov't is fully open about it and often talks about it in the news and in local meetings with the farmers. Thailand even have "Department of Royal Rainmaking and Agriculture Aviation".

    I've never heard anyone talking about this as a conspiracy theory in Thailand. People here are more concerned about their farms, and appreciate the department's efforts and the farmers themselves also participate by providing the chemicals.

    In this article they explain how its done and the science behind it. There is also a video at the bottom of the article (eng subs) showing the the process of filling the airplane with the chemicals and releasing it in the clouds:


    Nothing woowoo about it. While Sodium Chloride, Calcium Chloride and Urea isn't harmless to humans, in this case it isn't very harmful either unless you're exposed to a large amount, which you're not. You are exposed to a lot more (still fairly harmless) from elsewhere on a daily basis, especially from in- and outdoor cleaning products, soaps, deodorants, perfumes, hair products, shampoos, make-up, baby products, creams and so much more. Still fairly harmless, even when exposed on your skin daily over decades.

  4. I'm from Norway, and I've been to Finland several times. My grandmother is Finnish. In fact, if Finland didn't exist, my favorite burger wouldn't exist either, so fuck that anti-burger theory 🙂

  5. The latest one is that the Vegas shooting was a setup by the government to allow them to change the gun laws. Supposedly multiple CIA shooters. It is amazing to watch as the nutters try to weave irrelevant facts together with third hand witness reports to make a viable claim.

  6. Y'all act like u are way more intelligent then everyone else. You sound dumb for starters and you guys Dutch rutter each other more then likely

  7. You 2 are either working for the government propaganda brainwashing koolaid media machine or you are in fact the most uneducated individuals on the planet. Do you know whom created the phrase "CONSPIRACY THEORISTS" in the first place? Yes long hand is not being teached to keep it dedicated to the ROYALS ONLY the very same way that only the RICH knew how to read and write in the old days. 2. Chemtrails #GEOENGINEERING is a FACT as is full of NEUROLOGICAL TOXINS that when combined with the #FLUORIDE POISONING that is in our water causes the metals to accumulate on the brain. Now if you would like some real TRUTH how about the FACT that the 911 attacks were made by our own government. That's right a plane would disintegrate on IMPACT PERIOD WHICH has already been proven BY OUR OWN GOVERNMENT. Did you know that 3 days before the event DONALD RUMSFELD addressed Congress on the 3.2 TRILLION AMERICAN PEOPLES REPUBLIC TAX DOLLARS WERE MISSING. That's right. Do you know about the NORTH AMERICAN UNION OR THE NEW WORLD ORDER AGENDA 21 SUSTAINABILITY CULTISTS IDEOLOGY 13 LAWS OF PERVERSION WHICH "INCLUDES PEDOPHILIA". I am sure that you know what that means. If you commit acts of #TREASON on the AMERICAN PEOPLES REPUBLIC you will be held accountable for any and all actions per the CONSTITUTION BOUND BY COMMON LAW PERIOD. Educate yourself before speaking lies to our youth. Contrails,…………LOL 😑

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