The Steven Universe Theory – Are Crystal Gems Evil? – Cartoon Conspiracy (Ep. 62) @ChannelFred

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  1. My sister has been trying to get me into Steven Universe, and while I enjoy the show, I really hate the crystal gems. This has affected me to the point where it is becoming difficult to continue to watch the show. So far, I've seen the first 26 episodes. I want to watch the show, and I like Steven, Connie, Mr. Universe, and from some of the clips, I think I like Peridot too. But I hate hate hate all of the other gems, and I don't know what to do. They all act like total jerks to all humans, other life on earth, especially Mr. Universe, and sometimes even Steven. I feel like they're indoctrinating Steven and pushing their agenda onto him. I only hope he grows up with his compassion for humanity intact. My sister keeps telling me that she likes them and that they get better… But when? Does anyone have any advice? Because to me it seems like they're evil too, just less evil than the rest of the gem race.

  2. Do you guys remember the time when Amethyst traumatized Steven by transforming into his dead mom to try and taunt his emotionally broken father, or the time when Pearl almost killed Steven by blasting him out of the atmosphere in a homemade rocket that was no way ne'er safe, or how about the time that Garnet made Steven go insane with paranoia after telling him that he had tragedy in his future. ☹️

  3. I haven't watched much of Steven since Peridot joined but it seems from this video that this was before Steven cured Connies eye sight so just from that alone theres a ton of holes. Also totally looks like Lion doesn't care much for Steven at first probably because hes a human but is drawn to him because of the gem.

  4. They're not killing corrupted gems they're pooping them gems do not have a real physical form all you see is an illusion these gems that have been corrupted are all because of something the diamonds did thousands of years ago and now the Crystal Gems are hunting them down and poofing them in public them hoping that one day they could reverse corruption and bring the gems back to their original state they want to save the gems even though they know they may never be able to they are not evil you are wrong you just wanted to post the theory to make money

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