The Seth Rich Conspiracy Is Utter Garbage

TYT Politics reporter Michael Tracey (http://twitter.com/mtracey) discusses the latest conspiracy frenzy about Seth Rich. CNN debunking of last night’s report: …




  1. Michael Tracey goes full TYT Gatekeeper. You lost all credibility with this video. Gatekeeper's do a few videos that make you think they are the real deal so they can throw you off of the really important stuff.

  2. go back to school and learn a little about critical thinking and principles of logic. the absence of proof (at this point) does not prove a theory is "utter garbage". before there was an absence of proof that the earth revolved around the sun because science was not yet able to prove this theory, was the heliocentric theory utter garbage? wow.

  3. You're a piece of shit if you believe this garbage. His name was Seth Rich and he was an American hero. He was the leak and he was murdered for it. Sorry you lying ugly fuck you will never convince us with your bullshit story. We will prove what happened and you will regret this just like you regret what happened on election night. I can't wait for the apology video bitch.

  4. If this is what TYT is doing now… sucking up to the Dem party and undermining Wikileaks… I'M OUT!!!
    Never listening to this guy again.
    That's for DAMN sure.

  5. Assange has already intimated that Rich was working with Wikileaks. Is this all you have? CNN? CNN! You are making yourself look stupid!

  6. So has Cenk finally got to you to? That why is I unsubed. First Jordan, now Michael. NO more progressives left at tyt polotics. Enjoy falling from grace.

  7. Wheres CENT the other FATASS RAGE MONSTER?? Why does he hide every time its impossible to shill for Hillary? Biggest story on the net and he's hiding in his moms basement!

    This Paid Hack will dispute gravity for a dollar. FAKE NEWS GOOGLE PUPPETS!


  9. If you are subscribed to TYT and you're reading this, Seth Rich was an innocent man and he was murdered by the DNC. Why the fuck are you following such a filthy channel like TYT who are trying to cover up murder?

  10. Did you say "Charlatan"? Because that is the textbook definition of TYT. You're basically just shills for CNN trying to capture the "alternative news" demographic.

    a person falsely claiming to have a special knowledge or skill; a fraud.

  11. kimdotcom is going to really fuck up the dems and their Russian CONSPIRACY bullshit. He was murdered, there is no doubt in my mind.

  12. you are wondering why Seth Rich's story is so important, its because he is the linchpin of the ENTIRE "Russia Hacked the Election" headline that has played non-stop since Trump beat Hillary. If it turns out that Seth Rich did give the files to Wikileaks, then Russia never hacked the DNC. So this insane witchhunt on "Trump collusion with Russia to steal election" is literally 100% fabricated. This means the Democrats used the media to willingly and knowlingly shit in the face of every dumb asshole who watches CNN/FOX/CBS/ABC and reads such shit magazines like NYT, WaPo, HuffShitPo, etc etc.

    But, one simple questions of why I personally find this death strange:

    So you're telling me that Seth Rich, Analytical Voter Analyst for the DNC who makes tools to encourage young voters to show up, is gunned down in the street… and he DOESNT BECOME POSTER CHILD OF THE 2016 HILLARY CAMPAIGN FOR GUN REFORM!? There is not a SINGLE Seth Rich article on CNN.com. Go search. He has been scrubbed. He was never mentioned in public again. I pray to god they find everyone connected and rolls up right to Podesta's front door and they let him swing.

  13. So TYT is suppose to be leading the fight with progressives…soooo TYT claims to speak truth to power? TYT's only video in over a week regarding Seth Rich is a bogus Oliver Darcy smear piece that is riddled with inconsistencies and lies (such as saying he has an email from PI Rod Wheeler in which Wheeler supposedly back tracks his claims…Darcy's article is a lie, he doesn't. He will not show such email, he has no email. So TYT anti-WikiLeaks/Kim Dotcom all of a sudden???? Michael Hastings would be so proud…/s

    Things that make you go hmmmm

  14. Just remember these are the same outlets that said Hillary's campaign colluding with SuperPacs and the DNC against Bernie was a conspiracy theory… until Wikileaks proved it wasn't.

  15. CNN = Clinton News Network I firmly think that if this was on the other foot….say Trump's RNC worker shot…there would be a serious investigation. In part because CNN is the Clinton News Network and the other parts are all open questions and Julian Assange statements and the reaction of the police, and the fact that there is a DNC PR person speaking for the family rather than an AG…and more but why waste my time? It deserves a real open investigation and I don't think anyone can deny this. Maybe it will end up being a lover's quarrel or something but the timing and situations are in reality worth investigating.

  16. Oh I see the story fell apart "with minimal scrutiny" I guess I'm just stupid or I didn't get the memo. Is that why Cent the FATASS RAGE MONSTER won't come within 2 miles of Seth Rich story? I'm tired of these paid shills getting away with calling it a robbery when nothing was taken!

  17. Just like Samson and Delilah. Cenk gave him a haircut and Michael Tracy lost his strength!!
    Michael Tracy: read the CNN article stop being stupid!!!! Those words actually came out of his mouth.

    There is more circumstantial evidence about the Seth rich murder than any evidence of Russia bullshit, Americans being spied by our government back in 2000, evidence of WMDs in Iraq, etc etc etc.

  18. Due diligence would include being open to Kim Dotcom's​ providing his testimony. You don't just get to corroborate one aspect of this thing when people that are, allegedly, tied to the leaks have yet to even be allowed to present their evidence. These accusations are not open and shut just because a laptop with evidence on it was seized. That is not due diligence and it certainly is not real Journalism. Offer Kim an interview if you are truly a purveyor of truth. The worst that could happen is that Dotcom lies and if he does lie debunk that. Mr. Tracey and his associates at TYT do nothing but peddle their own unverified mainstream claims on these leaks but when something contradicts their narrative they screech "CONSPIRACY!!!" Truly you and yours are the opposite of journalist. Propagandist the lot of ya'!

  19. Ask: What if Seth Rich was murdered due to his leaking DNC emails?
    What then?
    Will you admit Donald Trump was right from the very beginning?

  20. Where's your turban? Now a federal prosecutor has been murdered in Wasserman's case of voter fraud. Oh then… it was bigfoot?

  21. We'd be much better off if everyone could just at least try to hold to the high moral standards of CNN. You sounded so smart when you said …and I quote "go read the CNN article and quit being stupid". thanks for steering back on the path Jacko

  22. We are being so loud about this because no one else is… This needs an extensive, independent investigation. What the hell is horrible about wanting to investigate possibilities seeing as how this murder hasn't been solved, no arrests and no evidence to support the initial story. All circumstantial. Like any other suggestion on what may have happened. And quite frankly if we compare apples to apples (circumstantial evidence to circumstantial evidence) there is more evidence to suggest the initial story is bullshit and the "fake news conspiracy theory" seems far more likely

  23. We all will believe Wikileaks before the young turks or this Michael tracey ignoramus.So, answer me this: why is the DNC paying for a "handler" for the Rich Family but not offering any money for the reward to find the killer.

  24. Amateurs! They gotta do it like the establishment Dems do it!
    –Provide NO evidence
    –and never stop saying it's true

  25. This is almost as dumb as CNN's Seth Rich propaganda video. Maybe you should try your hand at satire. I'm sure you would suck at that too, but it's worth a shot. Couldn't get any worse

  26. Come on Tracey. Listen to all of these completely rational comments. DON'T YOU KNOW THAT EVERY ROBBERY ALWAYS GOES 100% ACCORDING TO PLAN?! If you don't agree with me, you probably work for David Brock, and likely killed Seth Rich yourself (even if you literally knocked on doors for Bernie. You're probably a Clinton plant, and receive monthly checks from George Soros and Cenk, you d@mn Brockbot). I love how right wingers and people like the insane progressive absolutely LOVE Tracy until he uses his usual rock solid logic to dissect one of their bu||sh;+ conspiracies theories.

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