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The Dead Sea Scrolls have been described as the greatest archaeological discovery of the 20th century, but what secrets do they hold? And why would anyone …




  1. The Greeks translated the “Bible” the Christians branch from Judaism. The Roman’s catholics kicked out the Israelites from Israel. Israelites came to Israel from Egypt. Egyptians had many gods. The starting point of belief in one god with the Israelites to the current Christians belief start with the Jewish god. Therefore Greeks could not have effected the “Bible” or Jewish doctrine. Each civilizations starting point is to vast. A few facts

  2. you guys are the shit y'all are my favorite channel on YouTube other than being creepy lol but you guys come first because conspiracy theories consumed my life ever since a homie of mine opened my eyes

  3. Sorry guys but you are NOT Historians and really draw ignorant conclusions and assumptions to phrases you just don't understand enough about… but you don't really present yourself as ones so just saying…

  4. Oddly enough, Easter is celebrated by an egg, which is an ancient "thing" found around the world. Also, Christmas and Easter are based on ancient times.
    The scrolls tell of truths but the mushroom theory is a bit off.

  5. Grrrr the people of the land were and ARE HEBREWS NOT j ew….This land and scrolls are not their history..
    .the reason for their secrecy pertaining to the scrolls is because it does NOT include them as they only immigrated to this land in 1947 WAKE UP! find the true people…
    these scrolls are being deciphered by the allied vatican and j ews who will not include the TRUE people of the land who's Bible contains these scrolls and texts and factual history it is.
    ..Show me one place in the Koran tell mud ect..where these scrolls prove these peoples ethnicity and glowing reports of these People hey? Maybe the budist are in there too!

  6. Jesus was a 'magic' mushroom. Meaning that "Jesus" or "God" is nothing more than a state of mind easily reached with the aid of psychedelic mushrooms.
    EDIT: Wrote this before watching. LoL.

  7. Its the Jewish religion that knocks on your door dumb wit and there the only religion that does so do your home work before making a video cuz it makes you look like a cunt

  8. Compare the story of Enoch and MHJH in the 1947 scroll, with the revelations in The Pearl of Great Price brought forth in the 1830's.

  9. It would b very rare to find a historian who believes Jesus was real. Another then the bible his name shows up no where else in documents of the time

  10. I definitely believe Jesus was a real person and even a profit but I find a problem with him being the son of God. We are all the sons of God so while I agree with his teachings I think there is a mistake in thinking when Christians believe Jesus to be more than a profit and teacher.

  11. WW2 ended and then just two years later, all the sudden some random sheep herder found all these amazing ancient scrolls in a cave from thousands of years ago that prove all these longstanding Messianic (now spoken as Masonic) beliefs? Evidence shows the caves were used many times before these texts were found, yet somehow the scrolls were never found for over two millennium? A cave in the desert is about as close as you get to an desert oasis without actually being one, so I highly doubt it was this pristine cave untouched by man for that long. The story concocted is that the Bedouin lost his sheep in the cave, threw a rock and heard a 'tink' sound, so he went in and found them. Seriously? Now they are reporting that all the scrolls at the Museum of the Bible in Washington D.C. are likely faked.. of course they are. I also love that they built a virtual reality ride to experience all the forgeries in Hi-def glory! Master-Mason Walt Disney himself would be proud! Go ahead and search Google for reliable evidence the original scrolls are real, forget about all the new burnt paper they stuck under cheap glass (supposedly worth $500 million now) that they're displaying in D.C. for $15 a pop. No seriously, they look like someone burnt them on purpose. Even the originals look burned, like the Bedouins got cold or something before handing them over to authorities and not selling them for a few extra sheep at least.. https://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2010/10/photogalleries/101020-dead-sea-scrolls-science-bible-google-israel-religion-digitized-pictures/. It's as if they've tried to cover up any evidence that the ORIGINAL scrolls were fakes in the first place with all these new shitpost articles from Wapo, Huffpo, NYpo, Boppo the Clown etc. It's incredibly hard to find any real info on the topic, and Google is flooded with articles from 2017 to 2018 regarding the supposed "new" fakes in D.C. It's all crap. One site I read stated they've now carbon dated the original scrolls that places their creating between 200 years before Jesus, to 70 years after his death. Oh how convenient for both Jews AND Christians! It still fits like a key! They only had a few "experts" brought in that confirmed they were totally legit and awesome in 1946-47, so then it was just assumed by the masses that they were the real deal and literally overnight, massively changed Biblical history leading millions if not billions more people to convert or reaffirm their beliefs. You can bet all the brainwashed Germans and homeless Jews spent the little money they had on religion after all that death and destruction. Oh and what do you know, the scrolls don't even mention the name Jesus at all! They just say "Teacher of Righteousness" because the Jews don't believe he was the Messiah, and only a year later they re-founded their homeland Jerusalem in 1948 as prophesied by the Bible. It's all so damn convenient, isn't it? Just to be clear, I am not religious whatsoever and I don't have any agenda. For all I know, we live in a simulation and Jesus really was a flying spaghetti monster. Or not. I don't care either way and with all the liars and cheats throughout history, let alone living right now, it's hard to have faith in anything that I don't see with my own eyes. I'm just trying to shed light on a topic that many seem to just assume is true based on very little discernible facts. Here's the one and only link I managed to find that is suspect of the original scrolls, and it's a guy trying to sell a book: https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/scrolls_deadsea/deadsea_scrollsdeception/scrollsdeception00.htm. Luckily at the end he at least reveals a little bit with the quote from a reputable religious studies professor;

    " A small group of specialists, largely working together, developed a consensus… In lieu of clear historical insight… preconceptions and reconstructions, such as they were, were stated as facts, and these results, which were used to corroborate each other, in turn became new assumptions, that were used to draw away a whole generation of students unwilling (or simply unable) to question the work of their mentors."

    So to me, it's likely a huge con, and the fact that all these new scrolls are being found now just makes it even more suspect. Don't even get me started on the embarrassingly obvious forgery that is the Shroud of Turin. Yea, Jesus just copied and pasted his facial features on a cloth that is somehow preserved for over 20 centuries, yet these untouched scrolls were all found in tiny fragments that miraculously had plenty of "knowledge" that confirmed two separate long standing religions at once (Judaism and Christianity) without trampling on one-another's beliefs by mentioning Jesus in name, AND only a year removed from German defeat and the rise of the Jews after World War II and a year away from the founding of the Jewish holy land. Yeaokpal. Way too obvious fake and cover up imo.

  12. I'm atheist. But you guys do nothing but Shit on Christianity but won't touch Islam…I wonder why. It's just a dumb religion like any other. Why no dissection or debate?

  13. I have watched about eight of these videos and they always end up the same, much evidence is left out in support of whatever conspiracy is being researched. and the skeptic one almost always convinces the believer one that he is correct. So what ends up happening is every episode I am saying to the screen what about this, you didn't mention that, how about this guy, you didn't explain this. completely understand the time constraints of a short concise video but far too much evidence is left out to do anything but falsely lead the Watcher of the videos. Sorry if I'm being too critical, they seem like really nice guys.

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