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  1. sadly i think Youtube was used for Russian "Active Measures" during the 2016 election. they do this all over the world to influence people's opinions. They got what they wanted though.

  2. Thank god sane ppl like you also see this Tim. Omg I'm so sick of liberals screaming this massive false info and ppl totally buy it.

  3. It's shocking how desperate all the Left's sperging out over Russia is. I thought they were the ones who mocked the right wing for being obsessed with Red Scare and cold war stuff and all that, now they're trying to take it even farther. Their obsession with Russia has gotten down-right mean-spirited and seems unrealistically cruel and discriminatory to Russians. It's just a country, full of people, like all the others, that occasionally opposes the U.S. This frantic demonization is just going to make relations worse and increase the dangers of the Cold War. Just fucking chill on Russia, they act like COLLUDING, aka…talking…. to anyone from Russia is basically raping a baby while pledging allegiance to Lord Voldemort. It comes off as a desperate and careless attempt to try and get anything to stick to Trump at the expense of causing a deterioration in our relations.

  4. I like the term "false news" to clearly identify the nuanced difference from fake news. Tim's analysis was fair. The general public probably didn't realize the amount of manipulation/propaganda around the world, but it should be presented in a fairer context by media.

  5. If you think about it, big media companies are doing what they need to for making money. Yet their flaws help create jobs for people like Tim Pool or Philip DeFranco.

  6. "Do you think Russia is REALLY trying to manipulate public opinion?" Of course they are question is do I REALLY think the people pushing for this narrative aren't trying to do the same?

  7. I like to watch RT. Sometimes it is much more insightful than our MSN. But if people can't see the propaganda they are deaf dumb and blind. They report only amazing loving hero worshiping stuff about Putin and only bad stuff about USA and Trump.

  8. What you said makes sense, that Facebook and Mark Zucherburg need to be more aware of the influnce that Facebook as a platform has, and it would be nieve of me to imagine that Mark Zuckerburg has little or no awareness around the social power that Facebook has

  9. You have to understand Tim… the Left is a hive mind, that requires outside influence in order to know what to do. So they know they are very susceptible to manipulation. So they get scared when someone outside their hive, says anything, as they know they just might believe it.

    So the idea of Putin manipulating their minds is very scary to them. Because they know Putin is a right-winger.

  10. I like to say that if mark suckingburg was really adim
    about stopping foreign paid political ads then he sould just stop selling ads and focus on its website users.

  11. Facebook…Zuckerberg has now stated that they have evidence of Russia running false adds. It's not fake/false news. Wake the fuck up. The real purpose of Russian trolling on many social media is to divide us. That is working, thanks to dopes like you.

  12. Facebook has since identified the ad buys as coming from the Internet Research Agency, the one troll farm in Russia that everyone writes about, located in St. Petersburg. Google Colin Stretch if you want to find the FB news post.

  13. Wow you people are so fucking dense. Trump's going down, enjoy your conspiracy theories. Social engineering is not a joke. Good thing Democrats & the REAL MEDIA exist to clean up the mess.

  14. My ADVICE to some of you who do NOT like FaceBook: DO NOT USE IT. END OF STORY. I'n not surprised the word "Fake" is shouted each time some people disbelieve the news because the information does not fit into what their brains construe to be the "truth". Is not surprising the word has become so popular. It started with a FAKE President. Now, it turns out that so many fools who believe themselves to be intelligent, clear thinning individuals were brainwashed by the the Russians and don't know it and won't admit to it.

  15. ANYONE can post disinformation… it's free speech. Trump snorts cocaine! (Is this disinformation?) The public opinion shouldn't be based wholly on irrelevant details… it seems that the news thinks that the United States is full of gullible people that will jump off a cliff if the reasons sound good enough.

  16. If I said 'I suggest that if you are depressed, go kill yourself' on here, would I be legally responsible for what people do? (Russia can post bs online if we can… end of story… they even paid for it! These divisions between business, advertising, and personal information are all imaginary mental contructs… walls that do nothing but pass off power).

  17. I have yet, and I've researched, to find a law against buying ads. What's are they actually charged with that is against the law? That which is not done by everyone else? Advertisements, capitalism 101.

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