The Real Purpose Behind The Russian Trump Conspiracy Propaganda

Trump Breaking News Network – The Real Purpose Behind The Russian Trump Conspiracy Propaganda Just after the US presidential election in 2016 I …




  1. economic collapse in the United States is absolutely not going to be allowed to happen, nor is it trending that way as this video states. I have never seen so much construction and new business activity and spending as I am seeing now in my State. President Trump is in the process of thwarting the very plan the globalist community has set in motion. He will win… I'm confident in our Commander in Chief!!

  2. not all departments are bad but I did get the eerie feeling years ago the va system was pushing meds and trying to kill off patients, so I quit going except for yearly exam. but I was lucky to be there when honest doctor told me about the upcoming drug push and the drugs were poison, also said grass was only safe med, wow since he was an old conservative type doc. but apparently he was right. Get well soon ! Bless you and yours Doc.

  3. Interesting but pessimistic speculation. I don't agree. I have greater faith in Trump, though he's obviously having trouble. There is so many scepticism and opposition, yet Trump will accomplish what he set out to do. He will save democracy and he will rescue America from the bankruptcy intended. He will attack corruption and drain the swamp, with or without your help.

  4. If he was Fascist we would fix all of this right quick. The rule of the strong. The Constitution is not based on Tradition. It was created by materialists, i.e classical liberals & they created it to keep their families in power.

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