The Real Life Conspiracy Behind Stranger Things! (Nerdist News w/ Jessica Chobot)

Stranger Things is full of references but not all of them are fiction. What was the main inspiration for the show? A real life conspiracy! Jessica explains on today’s …




  1. So they decided to take the stories of camp hero, and film them in the style of and homage to Spielberg, King, Goonies etc, they did all that and didn't create a mess. They are genius!

  2. Obviously Nichols was a big old fraud praying on gullible conspiracy theorist minds (I mean, he pretty much covers all the "classics") which already existed aplenty back then (although militaries did do experiments on ESP etc. – they just naturally never showed any objective/reproducible success), but such myths do always make good inspirations for works of fiction (not falsely posing as facts).

    That said, while this is a well done and – as always – nicely presented overview, acting as if there hadn't already been several blog posts and YouTube videos addressing these connections weeks ago (close to release) paints you in rather a bad light IMNSHO.

  3. Wait… so you're telling me the whole premise behind the monster and the upsidedown is that it's all created by Eleven's subconscious? Lame… I was really hoping they had opened up a door to a real parallel dimension kind of like Stephen King's Todash Space. Something more Lovecraftian in nature… don't think I really care to keep watching now.

  4. Has anyone played earthbound and has anyone found many similarites? For example paula from earthbound looks like eleven with the wig and dress.

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